Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun – LP

Well, not sure where this came from or why but this is easily the best price I have ever seen on this amazing double LP from Sigur Ros. Not sure if this is the original press, the FatCat UK repress or a new domestic pressing… Any way you slice it, its a tasty pie at

EDIT: Link is obsolete. This was a pricing mistake on Insound’s part. The LP is now backordered and you can expect actual prices to be the same as other retailers (ie round about $50). Well worth it, imo. Happy trails.


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  1. I ordered mine, but it was already marked backorder, so I may not get it. But if so, hot damn! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Yeah it was “in stock” when I ordered and after I ordered and when I made this post. Just got my shipping confirmation and it is now “backordered”. Trying to get to the bottom of it. Seems the price was probably too good to be true.

  3. Is this album that good, or is it just the pricing? Not trying to sound snotty, just genuinely curious. Sigur Ros are a bit hit or miss with me. I do own “Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust” and really enjoy it. Any other recommendations?

    First time comment-er, love this website though. Always appreciate the heads-up!

  4. Most people, including myself, consider this their best album.

  5. Gave it a shot despite the backordered status. Crossing my fingers because this would complete my Sigur Ros Vinyl collection.

  6. Definitely an awesome album. I’m curious to know if anyone who actually ordered one of these while it was “in stock” got it shipped.

  7. Hey everyone. My name is Matt and I run We are really, really sorry for the mistake on our part. It’s a very simple but unfortunate error, wherein we entered the right wholesale price but kept the old (2003/4) retail price in the system. We did receive a number of very limited, super high quality 200gram version of these LPs that are spectacular. And a few lucky people did get them shipped at $16.98, when, in fact they are $50-60 products.

    We got a slew of orders immediately following these initial orders, driving the product to backorder. I am truly sorry to everyone who thought they were getting a great deal only to get a backorder status. Like I said, the dozen or so we had sold out in less than an hour after the first order and we lost a lot of money on each of those. We are presently out of stock. On Monday we will contact all of our best distributors to see if we can re-stock the title. I cannot promise anyone that we will be able to restock it (though I do think we should be able to get a small quantity back in) but I will promise you that — if we get more — we will price the next batch at wholesale cost with NO mark-up. In other words, we can’t afford to lose $20-30 per order because of a simple human error, but, in light of our mistake, I can promise you that, should we get more in stock, we will price them with no markup, cheaper than anywhere else. They would end up being around $35-38 this way is my estimate. I know it’s small consolation to those of you who had high hopes and ordered quickly. But I’d ask for your understanding and forgiveness. Though we are an experienced and very professional website with a huge vinyl selection, we are still at our core just a small company (14 people) who occasionally mess up. We messed this one up. A dozen or so people did greatly benefit from our mix up but we can’t offer that $16.98 price any more, should we get more stock in. Like I said, if we do get stock in, we will offer it WELL under retail price, at no mark-up on wholesale. If you ordered from us and got a backorder note, we will follow up with you on Monday via email.

    We are truly sorry and appreciate your generous understanding. Having seen these 200 gram DDM re-issues, I will say that they look and sound amazing…for what it’s worth.

    Have a nice weekend and always feel free to email with questions. You can also email me at


  8. Thanks for the update Matt. I can say, I paid about $40 for the DMM repress when it came out and it was worth every penny. Sounds amazing. Sorry for all the confusion – I would not have made the post if I had known it was a pricing mistake.

  9. No worries at all. Our left hand wasn’t talking to our tight for a moment. We get a weird price glitch once a month or so…but the price difference is never this dramatic. BTW, everyone at Insound loves your site and we do use it all the time as a resource. Thanks!

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