Sigur Rós “Inni” 3xLP

A new 3xLP from Sigur Rós available for $40 + $20 shipping? Those of us used to buying Sigur Rós vinyl won’t even bat an eyelash. It’s just the price you pay to be a hip, analogue loving fan of the greatest post-rock band to ever exist. Shhh… just point your broswer at

Sigur Rós: Festival (Live) from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “Sigur Rós “Inni” 3xLP”

  1. it sucks to buy at wal-mart but you’ll save a LOT of money on this:

  2. I wish the Vinyl came with blu-ray instead of DVD, or at least have the option to get the blu-ray.

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