Skeletonwitch – Breathing the Fire – LP Preorder

UPDATE: Bumping this post to the top because this record rules and is on sale. 20% off all vinyl at

Yesssss. The new album from the ‘witch is nearly ready to be unleashed on the world, and you can stake your claim on a red vinyl version limited to 100 right now through the Prosthetic Records webshop. This will come housed in a gatefold sleeve with highly appropriate artwork provided by Andrei Bouzikov. There’s also a few package deals available with 3 different t-shirt designs to pick from. What reason could you possibly have for not ordering this? $15 or $25 with a t-shirt at


4 Responses to “Skeletonwitch – Breathing the Fire – LP Preorder”

  1. I will only buy this if someone confirms that it will impress chicks from Brooklyn by way of Ohio

  2. A band on Prosthetic? I doubt it. For that you’d have to go with something a lot less metal and a lot more obscure. Good luck!

  3. Ironic metal listeners reign supreme in brooklyn methinks

  4. ^100%, no offense to the people in Brooklyn who like metal, but metal is the new lo-fi-garage-pop

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