Sunburned Hand of the Man “A” LP

Not a lot of info to be found about this release currently. Maybe that’s because of the impossible to google album title, or maybe because no promo copies were sent out at all. What we do know is that this is Sunburned’s second album with Kieren Hebden aka Four Tet acting as producer. We also know that this is a single LP being released by Ecstatic Peace, Thurston Moore’s record label. We also have this snippet from the release, which I’ll admit got my giblets moistened, “Directed by Kieran like actors in a film, Sunburned is taken off the bandana smokestage of their previous collaboration – Fire Escape – and put onto a sweat-soaked 4am lysergic dance floor.” Maybe that’s really all the info you need? You can order this now from


4 Responses to “Sunburned Hand of the Man “A” LP”

  1. Thats one of the most godawful album covers I’ve ever seen.

  2. I believe that fine piece of fine art is by none other than Raymond Pettibon. He did the cover for Goo and the Black Flag logo so he gets a pass from me, although I pretty much agree with you. Really curious about what this music might sound like.

  3. Hahaha, coincidentally, I was wearing a Pettibon designed Black Flag shirt when I wrote that. That crow tastes bitter.

  4. There’s a review here:

    Cover artwork is pretty dodgy

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