Sutekh Hexen / Andrew Liles “Breed in Me the Darkness / Second Coming Mixes” 2xLP

Let’s try to focus on the music for a second before checking out the specs on this awesome vinyl edition. Sutekh Hexen should be familiar to anyone with a taste for dark, experimental sounds. Their clamor is a unique breed of black metal, noise and drone; both terrifying and beautiful. Breed in Me the Darkness features two new tracks from this crew, plus extended mixes of each by Andrew Liles, a man accused of conspiring with Nurse With Wound and Current 93, among other deviant characters. Now a word about this pressing, direct from the label: “the B and C sides feature a 7” cut onto a 12” lacquer with etched outer edges.” If you think that’s going to look as cool as it sounds, you’d probably be right. We give you permission to nerd out on that limited red vinyl edition, even though it’s $6 extra added onto an already expensive edition. Pesanta | Urfolk spares no expense; pre-orders are now open at

Tape Tuesday bonus link: [cassette edition]

Sutekh Hexen / Andrew Liles

Sutekh Hexen / Andrew Liles


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