Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper 2xLP + Mr. Noah 12″ EP

It’s not as if we need the ecstatic new single “Mr Noah” to prove that the new album is going to be a highlight for 2015 but listening to it on repeat should at least help you solidify the decision to pre-order this limited edition of Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. Two healthy slabs of vinyl plus […]

Avey Tare’s Slasher House – Enter The Slasher House 2xLP

Maybe we just don’t read the right news (we don’t), but there seems to be little fanfare surrounding the release of this new album from Animal Collective’s Avey Tare. Has the world moved on already? What are the kids listening to these days? Dude needs to grow a beard and throw some banjos over an […]

Animal Collective “Honeycomb / Gotham” 7″

Animal Collective has a new 7″ single out. Maybe you’ve heard of this band before? I think it’s a side project from that Panda guy. For real though – preorder ASAP at A fuckin’ SAP.

Panda Bear “Surfers Hymn” 7″

Hey, what do ya’ll think about Panda Bear? That’s what I thought. Grab this one now to complete your collection or cry about it later while furiously searching eBay in a hysterical panic. Oh, it’s backed by a remix from Actress that pretty much just blew my fucking mind. Seriously. Get in on it at […]

Panda Bear “Tomboy” LP Preorder

Insound has posted the official preorder for one of the most anticipated records of 2011, Panda Bear’s “Tomboy”.  There’s not much to say about Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox that hasn’t already been said, he’s a master of modern music.  By adding dub and electronics, his new work eclipses the Beach-Boys-worship that so many accuse him […]

Avey Tare “Down There” LP

Apparently Animal Collective is so good that you can just divide them into halves and obtain two equally interesting sonic experiences. We’re probably all looking forward to the forthcoming album from Panda Bear; what caught me off guard is how good this new album from Avey Tare is – so good. Get it pre-ordered at […]

Animal Collective “Fall Be Kind” 12″ EP

Animal Collective, whose early ’09 release Merriweather Post Pavilion continues to dominate all other so-called “indie” releases that came out after, is closing out the year in fine fashion with an EP release on 12″ vinyl. This is now available for pre-order from the Domino USA website, being released on December 15th for around $10. […]

The Insound Record Club (Plus New Records from Animal Collective, Boris, and Vampire Weekend)

This may be a lengthy post.  Insound just announced a new undertaking for them, the Insound Record Club.  Basically, members will be sent a random record every month, specially curated by the staff, and featuring the “most exciting new indie releases on the horizon”.  Six month memberships are $150, one year memberships are $275.  Oh, […]

Animal Collective “Animal Crack Box” Live 3xLP Set

Wow, this one is a surprise.  Fusetron has just launched orders for a triple LP live box set by Animal Collective.  The “Animal Crack Box” includes three LP’s, each housed in a four color screenprinted sleeve, held together by a screenprinted OBI strip.  The artwork is by the ultra-talented Jon Vermilyea.  This was pressed in […]

Animal Collective – Danse Manatee / Spirit They’re Gone, Spirt They’ve Vanished – DMM LPs

Well we posted about these albums like three months ago when the release date was supposedly only a few weeks away. Apparently what we really meant was the release date was a few months away. Whatever, you can now order these from the FatCat UK store (you must have the UK store selected in order […]