Ash Borer – The Irrepassable Gate 2xLP

The newest 2xLP from Ash Borer is now available, you kids should know what to do by now. Still the best American black metal going, West Coast or otherwise. You can pick it up from the Psychic Violence webstore or from the label at The Irrepassable Gate by ASH BORER

Predatory Light – MMXIV Cassette

Updated 03/24/2014: Second press now available from and In this week’s don’t-sleep-on-it Monday morning news we present to you the tape debut of Predatory Light. A day earlier than usual, but seeing as how there are only a few handfuls of stock left – we would like to encourage you to pick up […]

Ash Borer “Bloodlands” 12″ EP

Updated 3/24/2014: Repressed on smokity vinyl and available from Three rounds of test pressings later, Gilead Media has approved production of the new 12″ from Ash Borer. Although this is being billed as an EP, it is about 35 minutes long. Two long songs of black metal like only Ash Borer can do. Comes […]

Ash Borer “Cold of Ages” 2xLP

At long last, the vinyl edition of Ash Borer’s Cold of Ages is made available to the general public. The limited edition package is presumably gone, if you don’t want to miss out next time, make sure you sign up for the strictly analog Pesanta Urfolk newsletter. Otherwise pick up the standard edition of Ash […]

Psychic Violence Update: Ash Borer “Bloodlands” EP & Ruin Lust LP

Pyschic Violence has updated their store with a couple of choice items from the Ash Borer camp. The grey vinyl edition of the Bloodlands 12″, which sold out rather quickly from Gilead Media, can now be purchased alongside a new LP from chaos mongers Ruin Lust. The former should please the collectors, and the latter […]

Ash Borer “Cold of Ages” CS

01/12/2013 Update: Some copies have shown up at This may very well be your last chance to grab this cassette. According to an email from our friends in Ash Borer, the cassette edition of their newest album will be going up for sale at noon PST today. That’s gonna be available at, so […]

Ash Borer “demo” LP Preorder

UPDATE: This is still available at Could we possibly announce any other record that is more worthy of your hard earned money? This incredible demo from Ash Borer is now available on vinyl, featuring an all new mix mastered from the original source. This is one of very few releases we can recall in […]

Tape Tuesday: Ash Borer “Discography 09-11” 2xCS

UDPATE: Second press 2xCS up now at Also a new t-shirt. Ash Borer’s entire discography (up to this point) is now available on chrome high-resolution tape in one easy-to-order package thanks to Land Of Decay. This label has been releasing one essential cassette edition after another, but if you buy any tapes at all […]

OMGVinyl Guest Post at Altered Zones

The folks at Altered Zones were kind enough to ask us to do a guest post on their site today. Click through to read a little bit about one of our favorite bands, Ash Borer, and stream the 8-minute face-melter “Rest, You Are the Lightning” from their self-titled LP. Thanks, dudes! Altered Zones = essential […]

Ash Borer “s/t” LP Pre-order

The problem with a group like Ash Borer is that they are making all the other metal I love and listen to sound a bit tame and stale in comparison. Their ferocity and passion is unmatched at this point in time. Seriously, nobody else is even coming close to the cathartic bombast of this band […]