Three Lobed Recordings: Bardo Pond –Refulgo 2xLP & Shone Like A Ton LP

Three Lobed Recordings is off to a great start in 2014. First announcing a new album from Horseback and now pulling together two crucial releases of obscure material from the early days of Bardo Pond. Refulgo collects two LPs worth of material from various 7-inches and splits between 1994 and 1996 while Shone Like A […]

Bardo Pond – Peace On Venus LP

Bardo Pond present their newest lysergic laced offering, a heavy dose of psychedelic ritual distilled onto a single vinyl LP. Really potent stuff, kids. Don’t mess about if you aren’t experienced — you’ll fry your lid. Pick it up at

Bardo Pond + Tom Carter “4/25/03” 2xLP

Three Lobed Recordings dug into the catacombs to pull out this awesome collaborative LP by Bardo Pond and Tom Carter. Originally recorded eight years ago, “4/25/03” is an interesting time-capsule that hints at where drone/psychedelic music would go in the coming years. It sounds like early, primitive recordings by Barn Owl or Grails, which is […]

Three Lobed Recordings 10th Anniversary 4xLP Set

Three Lobed Recordings is asking for help funding their massive 10th anniversary box set.  This collection will contain 4 LPs with full sides of exclusive music by about every important psychedelic band they know.  It’s super impressive, and instead of filling this paragraph with info, we’ve decided to post it all below in a concise […]

Bardo Pond “s/t” LP

A new record from Bardo Pond is certainly nothing to turn your nose up at, these guys (and gal) having been blowing out straight psych burners for many, many years now. The newest, self-titled missive comes to us on Fire Records, and I haven’t seen a stateside ordering option made available yet. Drug jams don’t […]

Bardo Pond “Bufo Alvarius” LP + CD

Here’s a history lesson for you – a reissued vinyl LP version of the debut album from psych legends Bardo Pond. 15 years later, this one still sounds as fresh as a brand new bag of skunk. Turn up the volume, drop the needle and let the purifying fuzz wah-wah-wash you clean. If you are […]

The Three Lobed Records Holiday Sale

For the month of December, Three Lobed Records is offering up a pretty amazing deal on vinyl.  You can get any two vinyl titles for $30 shipped, any three for $43 shipped, any four for $55 shipped, etc.  We just got a couple of releases from them in the mail, and the quality is outstanding, […]

New Bardo Pond LPs / Cave – Psychic Psummer LP

Well, Important Records just released approximately one metric-shit-ton of new vinyl. One brand new Bardo Pond LP plus 3 additional Bardo Pond related side projects and collaborations. Add a new album and 7″ from Chicago psych-rockers Cave and we have, as I said, a metric-shit-ton of new vinyl. I’m not even going to try and […]

Bardo Pond – “Peri” 180g RTI LP+CD

A little late on this one. Apologies to all of our readers who like to spin repetitive psych/drone rock ***crickets chirping*** Anyway, Three Lobed Recordings has put out this LP of unreleased cuts from Bardo Pond on 180g RTI-pressed vinyl as a sister album to last year’s Batholith LP. The vinyl version is a limited […]

Sonic Attack Trilogy 7″s now available

Space rock fans rejoice. After the pre-order sold out at Trensmat Records, this super sonic trilogy of 7″ vinyl is now available from Cargo Records in the UK. What you have here is 6 bands covering 6 songs by the mighty Hawkwind, spread across six sides of limited edition vinyl housed in “full colour retro […]