Jon Porras – Light Divide LP

You now have our blessing to proceed to Thrill Jockey dot com in order to procure the newest from Barn Owl at large, Mister Jon Porras. Light Divide is released on March 25th, and comes on limited white vinyl, for the time being. We haven’t heard it yet, but apparently this album finds Porras working […]

Barn Owl “V” LP

Speaking of the April titles from Thrill Jockey, the standout release for most of our readers will probably be this new LP from Barn Owl, who we really can’t possibly praise anymore than we already have within these pages. The internet can only contain so much dick-ridin’. Preorder V from “While supplies last all […]

DVVLLXNS “Lxtvny” 12″

Yeah, we have no idea how to pronounce that, either. All we know is that this is a new project from Jon Porras (one half of Barn Owl) and we fully support him taking on a new direction. Not that we don’t love his desert wanderer drone vibes, but this maintains that dark aesthetic and […]

Barn Owl Repressed

Just a quick heads up that Thrill Jockey has done the responsible, grown-up thing and repressed two conspicuously out-of-print titles from desert psych destroyers Barn Owl. Lost in the Glare and Ancestral Star are both available in newly minted editions of 500 apiece at

Evan Caminiti “Dreamless Sleep” LP Pre-order

The endlessly prolific Barn Owl boys are still at it. At this point, I’m having trouble keeping up – but I’ve never been disappointed with anything coming from this camp, so this one is going into my cart just like every other release from Elm, Jon Porras, Higuma, etc. The first 500 orders will get […]

Immune Recordings: Evan Caminiti “Night Dust” LP & Micah Blue Smaldone / Big Blood “split” LP

Could the Barn Owl members ever be too prolific? Absolutely not, it’s simply not possible. At times it’s hard to keep up, but it’s always a pleasure catching up with Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras. Speaking of the former, Mr. Caminiti has a new album forthcoming on Immune, and I know you always have extra […]

Jon Porras “Black Mesa” LP

Jon Porras, who has also recorded as Elm and one-half of Barn Owl, has a new LP forthcoming on Thrill Jockey. If it’s anything like his last solo effort for Root Strata, this will be must-grip material. Black Mesa is billed as the southwest counterpart to Lynch’s Black Lodge. Dale Cooper meets the Gun Slinger, […]

Barn Owl “Lost In The Glare” LP Preorder

Man, things have been really hot lately for vinyl. A new LP from Barn Owl is always cause for celebration around here. Since teaming up with Thrill Jockey, this duo has released some of their best music yet. “Ancestral Star” was amazing, “Shadowland” showed promise of a serious oncoming firestorm, and now “Lost In The […]

Elm “Nemcatacoa” LP from Sweat Lodge Guru

When we released our first vinyl record almost a year ago (Lawrence English’s “A Colour For Autumn”), we knew we’d have to find something pretty special to follow it up with. After a long, long wait, we think we’ve found it, Elm’s “Nemcatacoa”. Originally released on CD (and gone shortly after that), this record represents […]

Jon Porras “Undercurrent” LP

Used to be a time when Barn Owl was pretty hard to come by on vinyl. I remember those days. It’s great to see these prolific boys really taking a shine to the analog format, its expansive tone suits them well. We have seen plenty of LPs from Evan Caminiti heatin’ up the streets, it’s […]