Baroness “First & Second” LP

Timely release of these early EPs from Baroness, available once again on vinyl courtesy of Hyperrealist and being distributed by our old pals at Robotic Empire. Used to be a time when these were only available as two separate EPs and were impossible to get ahold of. My, how the times do change. Now available […]

Baroness “Yellow & Green” 2xLP

Long live Savannah swamp metal. Baroness has grown into a heavy metal beast, a touring machine that moves albums with the best of them. Lucky for all of us, they took some time to record and release Yellow & Green and Relapse has taken the time to release a super deluxe hardbound version of the […]

Baroness “First & Second” LP

Wow, so glad this is finally out. Stop scouring eBay and get over to Robotic Empire to pick up these early recordings from the mighty Baroness. You don’t get any sweet Baizley etchings (First is on side A and Second is on side B) but you do get a badass gatefold cover and and that […]

Baroness “A Horse Called Golgotha” 7″

Don’t see a lot of 7″s coming from this band, but any excuse to put some Baizley art on a record sleeve is a good excuse by me. “A Horse Called Golgotha” from The Blue Album gets the single treatment, complete with an exclusive b-side cover of a Descendents track. Not much to turn your […]

Baroness “Red Album” LP Reissue

You might already know this, but Relapse has reissued the previously OOP Baroness record, “Red Album”, in a bunch of awesome colors.  It’s a gatefold 180 gram 2xLP that comes in Red/White Splatter (edition of 500), Red w/ Black Haze (edition of 300), and Red (edition of 200) for $22.  I am loving that red/black […]

Baroness “Blue Record” 3xLP Limited Edition Preorder

Well, we updated the previous post about the 2xLP edition of the new album from Baroness – but this really deserves it’s own post. Apologies to anyone who ordered already, but Relapse just posted the preorder for the 3xLP version of Blue Record. 3-panel gatefold jacket, 180 gram colored vinyl (A/B on opaque orange, C/D […]

Baroness “Blue Record” 2xLP Pre-order

Finally. Blue, green or 180 gram black vinyl. 1000 of each color available. Up now at $22. UPDATE: Links are now working, and in case you missed the post above, 3xLP version now available. Get to clicking.

Baroness Red Album 2xLP at Shirtkiller

Here’s another chance to get the best metal album of 2007 on vinyl.   Out of print pretty much everywhere, Baroness’ Red Album is now available exclusively at Shirtkiller.  They are selling some copies of the Relpase pressing (black 180g 2xLP, gatefold sleeve, amazing artwork, etc) for $18.  In other words, they are offering the […]

Baroness – Red Album 1st Pressing

Hyperrealist has put up their remaining copies of the Baroness – Red Album 2xLP. This is the first pressing and will likely not be around long, as there are only a handful available. Pressed on red vinyl in an edition of 1000 w/ etchings on the edges of each record. An impressive looking package. Get […]

Baroness “Red Album” Preorder (Relapse Version)

After the Hyperrealist LP version of Baroness’ “Red Album” came and went with the quickness, it was promised that Relapse would put out their own version eventually.  Well, this is finally a reality.  This new edition was laid down by Pirates Press on two black 180 gram LP’s, and the packaging looks amazing.  It costs […]