Boris “Praparat” LP Pre-order

Inoxia posted pre-orders this weekend for a new album from Boris. Praparat is being billed as vinyl only, and if previous experience is any indication, Daymare releases do not usually make it over to the States (although you may have an opportunity to pick it up if you catch the band on tour later this […]

Boris “New Album” 2xLP

I’m not even trying to keep up with the logistics of the Boris discography at this point. Pretty sure that New Album has already been released in Japan as a limited and expensive vinyl version, and also that some of these songs may or may not already appear on other “new albums” from Boris that […]

Boris “Attention Please” & “Heavy Rocks” Ultimate Bundle

Oh, Boris merch ordering options, when will you cease raping my wallet (and my heart)? If you click on over to their HelloMerch store, you can find quite a few enticing options for the two new North American albums from these Japanese heart-throbs, including online store exclusive vinyl colorways and logos imprinted on American Apparel’s […]

Boris “Attention Please” & “Heavy Rocks” LP Pre-order

Like every other warm-blooded doom fan on the internet, I have been furiously trying to make sense of Boris’ spring release line-up while simultaneously fending off a knee-jerk reaction to declare these releases completely unworthy of me caring. Blame the Ian Astbury collab for that, some bad tastes just never wash out. In any case, […]

Boris Vinyl Onslaught Continued

How many Boris albums do you need to get you through to 2012? Hopefully no more than four – along with the aforementioned vinyl releases on Sargeant House, Boris is also pushing out two new albums on Daymare and publishing a Boris-related release on their very own Inoxia Record imprint. Are you following? Not sure […]

BXI (Boris with Ian Astbury) 12″

Boris returns with a new 12″ EP for Southern Lord containing three songs fronted by vocalist Ian Astbury of The Cult and (sigh) The Doors of the 21st Century. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but what was wrong with Takeshi’s vocals? Oh well, at least Wata sings on one song (a cover of […]

Boris “Absolutego” & “Amplifier Worship” 2xLPs

Doom fans were in for a treat this weekend, as not one but three massive vinyl editions from Southern Lord were made available to order. The SL shop has unveiled some crucial vinyl editions of very early work from Boris, with revamped artwork and re-edited music made to fit onto the vinyl format. There has […]

Torche / Boris “Chapter Ahead Being Fake” 10″

Not sure you could gather four bigger names from the weirdo-metal inner circle to record a pair of splits. Hats off to Hydra Head. Both new splits come with awesome artwork from Aaron Turner, and this Torche / Boris split comes with a pretty fucking sweet t-shirt option. Don’t try and tell me you haven’t […]

Boris “Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol 3″ 7”

Well, I cannot lie – this is the one I’ve been waiting for. I’ll just go ahead and let Wata sell this one. Order from

The Insound Record Club (Plus New Records from Animal Collective, Boris, and Vampire Weekend)

This may be a lengthy post.  Insound just announced a new undertaking for them, the Insound Record Club.  Basically, members will be sent a random record every month, specially curated by the staff, and featuring the “most exciting new indie releases on the horizon”.  Six month memberships are $150, one year memberships are $275.  Oh, […]