Burial 12″

A new Burial 12″ has been announced. Despite scads of wannabes, the dude’s sound is as fresh and compelling as ever. This is, obviously, a must for your bag: bleep.com.

Burial 12″ Pre-order

Hyperdub have announced a new 12″ from Burial, consisting of two long tracks — over 25 minutes of new music. There are not many other details right now but you shouldn’t need any… it’s Burial. Pre-order at bleep.com.

Burial “Kindred” 12″ EP

New Burial releases just seem to come out of nowhere these days. And while we would all love to see a new full length, I doubt any fans are going to turn their noses up at an EP clocking in at nearly 30 minutes. There is no release date set, but rest assured it will […]

Burial / Four Tet Split 12″

UPDATE: Repressed?! Hurry – forcedexposure.com. I almost shat literally when I got this email announcement from BLEEP. A split 12″ with new material from Four Tet and Burial? You guys, this is gonna be realllly good. A 12″ EP with a side per artist – black jacket, black sleeves, black vinyl. There is none more […]

Burial “Street Halo” 12″

Here we go again, another new record from Burial. This one carries very little information, but we do know that it has three brand new songs. We haven’t heard it yet, and it’s hard to say if it will be as limited as last week’s release (doubtful), but we consider it essential anyway. Shipping starts […]

Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke = Sold Out

I feel bad even telling you all about this, because as of right now the chances of obtaining a copy are looking pretty fucking slim. I checked the Bleep link ten minutes after getting the email and it was already long gone. Not much to say – I’m not sure you could put three artists […]

Commix “Be True (Burial Remix)” Single-Sided 12″

New vinyl from Burial is a pretty rare occurrence. Rarer still is the possibility that this won’t be snatched up and disappear immediately. Hate if you want, but this bloke almost single-handedly brought the dubstep craze from UK shores to the American hipsters. This single-sided 12″ is merely a remix of a track from Commix, […]

Hyperdub – 5 Years of Low End Contagion – 5×12″ + 2xCD Preorder

Dubstep is putting a hurting on my wallet this week. Bleep announced today that it is offering a pre-order for the forthcoming 12″ series from Hyperdub celebrating 5 years in the beats business. There are some amazing names on this series, all contributing unreleased tracks. The first two twelve inches alone feature tracks from Flying […]

Burial / Four Tet – Moth / Wolf Cub – 12″

Up now at Boomkat. Hurry.