Eric Lanham “The Sincere Interruption” LP

The one thing we simply do not like about Carl Calm is that there is not nearly enough Carl Calm on vinyl… well, this isn’t exactly Carl Calm, but the man behind the moniker is none other than Eric Lanham, and here he presents his debut album under his own name. This is coming out […]

“Top 10 Live Performances of the Spring and Summer 2011 by Location (In No Particular Order)” by Carl Calm

Many thanks to Carl Calm for providing us with another list this year. Hopefully everybody had a chance to make it out to some good shows in 2011! Sean McCann and Matthew Sullivan in LA Rene Hell in Asheville, NC Matt Carlson in Portland Flower Man in Chicago Raglani and Ghost Dice in St. Louis […]

Caboladies “Renewable Destination” LP

Students of Decay presents a new full length LP from Chris Bush and Eric Lanham aka electronic weirdo superduo Caboladies. This type of fried electronica was pretty much tailor made for playback on a turntable, preferably loud. The SoD pre-order is long sold out, but you can score a copy now from, and we recommend […]

Carl Calm “A Party Tide” CS

Carl Calm has got a new tape out. Copies popped up at Tomentosa for a few hours, but disappeared quickly. Looks like Keith Fullerton Whitman has got some copies in his Mimaroglu distro now, hard to say for how long. I would say this is an absolutely essential cassette for anyone who loves minimal-techno and […]

DNT Records – Caboladies & Family Underground LPs

DNT has put several new releases up in their label distro section, two new(ish) LPs and a handful of cassette tapes (which we will not go into detail about in order to stave off hysteria). Caboladies is another super-duo whose individual members also happen to release awesome solo material (Flower Man and Carl Calm) so […]

Carl Calm “Dayglo Port” LP

Anyone who picked up Carl Calm’s DNT tape is probably, like myself, frothing at the mouth at this point in anticipation of hearing some new material. Well, that time has not quite arrived yet, but you should be pleased to know it is shortly forthcoming. The Dekorder label in Germany is releasing an LP of […]

Josh Burke “Prana” & Caboladies “Live Anywhere” LPs at Aguirre Records

Premium synth music for the new decade, released on the freshly minted Aguirre Records. Helluva way to kick things off too, with vinyl pressings from Josh Burke and Caboladies. All doubts of quality or sincerity of the jams contained within can be dispelled at the label’s myspace, after which you can head to the website […]

8″ Lathes from Peasant Magik – Concern, Caboladies, God Willing

Like many fans of The Drone, I was smitten by a little album released last year on Digitalis called Truth & Distance by an artist named Concern. The album was released on CD only, and the packaging was quite exquisite but as you might imagine, I very much wanted a copy on vinyl. Well, this […]