Circa Survive Test Pressings For Charity

Our friends in Circa Survive are auctioning off some test pressings with 100% of the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. These people are helping out big-time in the aftermath of the Japan earthquakes so if you have a cause and the will, please help out – circa survive test pressings for charity.

Circa Survive “Blue Sky Noise” Deluxe 2xLP

As you know, despite operating in a genre that we’re not always the biggest champions of, we really like the band Circa Survive, and especially their dedication to vinyl.  This deluxe version of their latest album, “Blue Sky Noise”, is a 180 gram 2xLP, comes in a gorgeous gatefold jacket with art by Esao Andrews, […]

Circa Survive “Blue Sky Noise” LP Preorder

It’s been almost three years since the last Circa Survive album, and thank goodness, the new one is almost here.  Judging from the first leaked tune, the band has somehow injected even more power into their sound, practically bursting at the seams.  “Blue Sky Noise” doesn’t come out till 4/20, but you can preorder now, […]

Circa Survive “The Inuit Sessions” EP

Circa Survive have capped off their vinyl discography with the scarce 2005 EP, “The Inuit Sessions”.  Pressed to vinyl for the first time, Inuit features four songs, two of which later showed up on “Juturna”, two of which are otherwise unreleased.  Like we’ve said before, we love Circa Survive, so it’s awesome to see all […]

Circa Survive LP Reissues

One of the only emo-ish bands (it’s arguable if they’re really even an emo band or not) we can stomach here at OMGVinyl has just reissued their two full-length albums on vinyl.  Circa Survive will win over even the hardest emo-haters with their catchy hooks, powerful guitars, and unique vocal style.  Their debut LP, “Juturna”, […]

Circa Survive “B-Sides” 7″

We don’t normally blog about emo bands here, but this one is actually listenable, plus their vinyl is always hotter than the fires of hell.  Circa Survive is offering up a limited edition 7″ of b-sides for only $5.  It comes on clear vinyl, has a cool chipboard sleeve, is limited to 1,000, and the […]

Circa Survive “On Letting Go” Picture Disc LP

Equal Vision Records has FINALLY pressed Circa Survive’s gorgeous “On Letting Go” on vinyl.  The final result is a stunning picture disc with Esao Andrews’ artwork on both sides.  The pressing is limited to 1,000 pieces, the price is $16.99.  These will probably go fast.  Visit