Demdike Stare Represses

This triptych of black-magic-audio-alchemy from Demdike Stare on the Modern Love label has been repressed. Get off of Discogs and head over to

Millie & Andrea – Drop the Vowels 2×12″

Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker (of Demdike Stare and, predictably, Miles) finally drop a full length album as Millie & Andrea. While not a true, proper collaboration (each artists records tracks separately), the styles blend seamlessly together as a cohesive whole, and that cohesive whole will rip a whole through your sub-woofer if not properly […]

Demdike Stare – Test Pressing 004 12″

Test Pressing 004 from Demdike Stare is now hitting store shelves. These have a tendency to dissapear, so be quick about it. Noisy jungle concoctions from a pair of absolutely mad alchemists: or

Demdike Stare “Testpressing #003: Eulogy/Dyslogy” 12″

06/18/2013 UPDATE: Now available at The third entry in Demdike Stare’s Testpressing series sees them visiting deconstructed and mutant strains of house and techno. Guess what? It’s awesome. Pick it up at for now, and at your favorite North American distributor later. #002 is still relatively easy to find, but #001 is getting […]

Miles “Unsecured” 12″ EP

Miles, 1/2 of Demdike Stare, follows up his debut LP on Modern Love rather quickly with a 4 track EP of darkened, dancefloor hijinx. If you bought the album, this is a necessary accompaniment to that. If you didn’t buy the album, then it’s probably because you couldn’t find a copy of it, right? The […]

Miles “Faint Hearted” 2xLP

I’m hitting play for the 3rd time on this stream of the new Miles album, but I can’t help but think how much better this would sound on a proper analog system. If you didn’t know, Miles is one half of techno deconstructionist crew Demdike Stare; safe to say he knows a bit about sound […]

Demdike Stare “Collision / Misappropriation” 12″

Limited edition Demdike Stare vinyl should be enough to get you all out of bed in the morning. This is #001 from the newly minted Test Pressings label (which looks to be an offshoot of Modern Love). Two new transmissions from the twisted, blackened hearts of Demdike Stare — you really never know what to expect, […]

A Trio of Amazing New Records at Boomkat (And Two of Them at Experimedia)

First of all, these three records will probably all see more robust distribution at some point, but they’re so good, they’re worth talking about right now.  Boomkat just added three huge records to their inventory, and Experimedia is selling two of them as well.  The first is “Voices of Dust”, the third in a trio […]

Demdike Stare “Liberation Through Hearing” LP

The 2nd of three albums coming from Demdike Stare in the 2010, first of which was the excellent Forest of Evil, which hopefully you picked up a copy of. If you did, then you know all about Demdike Stare’s harrowing mix of deep, dense drone and menacing techno mutations. Fantastic stuff this is, I’ll now […]

Demdike Stare “Forest of Evil” LP

As one of our readers was astute enough to point out – Demdike Stare have got a new LP out, and it seems to currently be showing up exclusively at Forced Exposure. Fine by me, but I expect we will be seeing this among Boomkat’s six or seven “Album’s of the Week” soon enough. This […]