Spectrum Spools: Three Legged Race, FORMA, Container, Bee Mask

We’ve been on board with the Spectrum Spools label since day one. Can’t say that we have faithfully kept up with all of their releases (this label is goddamn prolific), but putting John Elliott of Emeralds in charge of curation of his own sub-label on Editions Mego was a brilliant move by Peter Rehberg and […]

Steve Hauschildt “Sequitur” LP

There’s a new Emeralds album out on Editions Mego, and a new Steve Hauschildt album out on Kranky. These guys just don’t stop. You know what to expect: slinky-sci-fi-synth vibes, this time with extra bounce and androgynous sex appeal. Pick it up from our pals at kranky.net.

Emeralds “Just to Feel Anything” LP

A brand new album from Emeralds, on their new home at Editions Mego. Cleveland’s promised sons deliver another sparkling, face-shredding slab of electric synth odyssey with the fantastic guitar accompaniment of Mark McGuire. Pre-orders direct from the label get limited edition colored vinyl, but if the conversion rate is killing your pocketbook, you can expect […]

Mark McGuire “Get Lost” LP

’bout time we wrote this one up! Mark McGuire (aka Big Mac) is, of course, an American professional baseball player who batted for the Oakland Athetics and the St. Louis Cardinals. Due to a steroid scandal that effectively put his Major League career on hold, he now plays guitar for Grammy Award winning musical group […]

Mark McGuire “Get Lost” LP Pre-order

Due to the sheer volume of their catalog and prolific output of related side-projects, it seems like Emeralds has been around since at least the 70s. Hard to believe they are such a young band. So if you’re a John Elliott man, wait a few days for his next cassette, vinyl, wax-cylinder to drop. But […]

Trouble Books & Mark McGuire “s/t” LP

Mark McGuire has joined up with Akron indie-synth dynamo duo Trouble Books to release an extremely limited LP edition. Mark’s signature string stylings are on full display here, but this might not be what you tape hoarders are used to from the Emeralds heartthrob; Trouble Books’ pop-leaning and serendipitous vocals keep the project from completely […]

Imaginary Softwoods “The Path of Spectrolite” LP Pre-order

Amethyst Sunset has posted pre-orders for two new LPs, including a righteous new slab from Imaginary Softwoods, the mightiest of John Elliott’s many side gigs. Totally mellow synth obliteration. Prepare your mind accordingly. You can also tack on a pre-order for the new vinyl edition of HNY’s Here You Can Touch The Sky, blown-out guitar […]

Amethyst Sunset – Awesome Label, Site & SALE!

Mister William Berry of the excellent Amethyst Sunset label and distro is currently running a sale to help fund some new releases he has lined up, including new LPs from OMGV #1 crush John Elliott (Imaginary Softwoods) and our favorite boy on the side, Sean McCann. Just listen to those tunes below then try and […]

Mist “House” 2xLP & Forma “s/t” LP

Now that we’ve mentioned the first two releases from Spectral Spools, let’s move onto their next offering. The two newest albums on this impressive label are proof positive of what we have been suspecting all along – that it is going to dominate. Mist (the unbeatable duo of John Elliott and Sam Goldberg) unleash their […]

Mist “Glowing Net” LP

Amethyst Sunset has just issued the previously tape-only “Glowing Net” release from Mist on vinyl.  For those new to this weirdo synth world, Mist equals Sam Goldberg and Emerlads’ John Elliott, two Ohioans with a serious penchant for otherworldly sci-fi melodies.  It’s limited to 750 copies and costs only $13.  Visit AmethystSunset.com. [Audio clip: view […]