Imaginary Softwoods 2xLP Preorder

Oh, drone heads, here is some Thanksgiving drone news.  Digitalis is now taking preorders for the self-titled 2xLP by Imaginary Softwoods (aka John Elliott from Emeralds).  It was originally released as a triple cassette, then an ultra-limited CD-R, and now it will see release as an equally ultra-limited 2xLP (reportedly limited to only 150 copies).  […]

Colored Mushroom And The Medicine Rocks “s/t” LP

Another new LP from one of our favorite labels: Wagon. John Elliott of Emeralds brings his Colored Mushroom And The Medicine Rocks project to the vinyl format, hand-picking a batch of tunes from his various tape releases and having them remastered for a full length LP. Limited to 420 on psychedelic vinyl, dewd. Pick it […]

New Emeralds 7″s

Emeralds continue their seven-inch series in support of their recent album on eMego. This time around it looks like we might actually get a few non-album cuts for the b-sides. Hand-numbered and limited to 350 – you might be able to see these make their way into a few of the usual distros, but you […]

Mark McGuire “Living With Yourself” LP

I’m really loving all of the Mark McGuire LPs coming out this year; also really loving Editions Mego’s 2010 rollout of artists – I’m guessing this will be another fantastic addition to the catalog for all parties involved. Mark’s excited about it, and you should be, too; you just can’t ever really have enough blissed […]

Outer Space LP

Nice to see more and more Emeralds members’ solo albums popping up on the vinyl format. The Arbor label, no strangers to releasing ace vinyl editions, have now got for sale: a full LP of material from John Elliott performing under his Outer Space moniker. Limited to 650 on clear vinyl, this is bound to […]

Raglani / Outer Space “split” LP

As the cassette market becomes more and more over-saturated, it’s nice to see some of these artists break out onto the vinyl format. This is, I believe, the first vinyl outing for John Elliott’s Outer Space project. Apparently John plays in some other group called Emeralds and shares a side here with like-minded artist Raglani. […]

Emeralds “Does It Look Like I’m Here?” 2xLP Pre-order

You know it’s going to take one hell of a pre-order to pull me out of my usual Friday night stupor and write something up, but my enthusiasm for this group truly knows no bounds. It’s like everything I love about Tangerine Dream minus the new-age gaudiness, plus more drugs. Pure drone wizardy from the […]

Emeralds “Lake Effect Snow/Science Center” & “Candy Shoppe/The Cycle Of Abuse” 7″s

Emeralds new 2xLP on eMego is finally starting to show up in mailboxes (and hopefully some US distros soon). If you’ve already spun your copy out and need even more epic synth and guitar jams, then you should get in on the chase for the forthcoming Emeralds 7″ series, featuring outtakes and alternate versions of […]

Mark McGuire “Tidings / Amesthyst Waves” 2xLP

Emeralds’ guitarist Mark McGuire dusts off some old cassette tapes and the weirdos at Weird Forest decide to get them cleaned up by James Plotkin and pressed onto 2xLP. 4 sides of sustained guitar string bliss and electronic ornamentation. Everybody wins. No baseball jokes. Comes on a badass Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket, colored vinyl and […]

Mist “s/t” LP

What’s that? New material from somebody in Emeralds? I almost just broke my mouse. $15 ppd from I suppose I should clarify that Mist is John Elliot from Emeralds playing synths with Sam Goldberg. And also that Amethyst Sunset has released a new LP (previously cassette only) from the impossible to pronounce Ajilvsga. Harsh […]