Plankton Wat “Mirror Lake” 12″ EP

When he’s not busy unraveling psychedelic threads of sound with Eternal Tapestry, Dewey Mahood has been known to dabble in a little bit of solo jamming under the Planton Wat moniker. Any album touched by the man comes with a high recommendation from us, that goes without saying — but we are particularly loving the […]

Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw “Night Gallery” LP Preorder

After a show together at SXSW 2010, psych mainstays Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw linked up for an in-studio session live on Austin’s KVRX. The folks at Thrill Jockey have thankfully presented the recordings, heard as they were originally conceived with no overdubs and minimal editing, on the almighty LP format. A 45 minute improvisation […]

Two New Vinyl Releases from Translinguistic Other Recordings

We just received two stunning new psych records from Translinguistic Other. The first is “Eyes All Around” from Midday Veil. This band can be tough to categorize, but psychedelia is the overriding theme, whether searing and fast or slow and moody (check out the videos below for the contrast). Throw in Emily Pothast’s sultry vocals […]

Three Lobed Recordings 10th Anniversary 4xLP Set

Three Lobed Recordings is asking for help funding their massive 10th anniversary box set.  This collection will contain 4 LPs with full sides of exclusive music by about every important psychedelic band they know.  It’s super impressive, and instead of filling this paragraph with info, we’ve decided to post it all below in a concise […]

Four New Records on Thrill Jockey

Our favorite label in Chicago has four big releases up for preorder.  The first, and definitely most exciting for us, is “Beyond The 4th Door”, the new album from Eternal Tapestry.  Like their Barn Owl signing, you absolutely have to applaud Thrill Jockey for finding some of the underground’s best bands and making sure more […]

Gärden Sound “Black Summit” LP

It’s hard to imagine two bands getting together that would have us more excited than Gärden Sound, the collaborative combination of Barn Owl and Eternal Tapestry. Eternal Tapestry’s giant psych totems have mixed perfectly with Barn Owl’s dark, ritualistic workouts, equaling what will probably be one of the best records of the year.  The preorders already sold […]

The Three Lobed Records Holiday Sale

For the month of December, Three Lobed Records is offering up a pretty amazing deal on vinyl.  You can get any two vinyl titles for $30 shipped, any three for $43 shipped, any four for $55 shipped, etc.  We just got a couple of releases from them in the mail, and the quality is outstanding, […]

Plankton Wat “Dawn of the Golden Eternity” LP

I do love me some good bedroom psych. This particular one-man missive comes to us from Dewey Mahood, who also plays guitar with OMGV favorites Eternal Tapestry. This LP covers a lot of ground between it’s two sides, but psychedelic guitar is certainly a unifying thread throughout. At $12 shipped on groovy red vinyl, this […]

Eternal Tapestry, Wet Hair, Little Claw – New LPs on Not Not Fun

If you purchased the last Eternal Tapestry LP we posted about, you probably wouldn’t be hesitating to click through on the links below. The newest from these psych troubadours comes out on one of our favorite labels: Not Not Fun – limited to 500 measly pieces on “whatever” colored wax. But wait there’s more… Not […]