Evan Caminiti – Meridian LP

If you’ve been keeping pace, then most of you probably have at least an entire shelf dedicated to Barn Owl and Barn Owl related vinyl at this point. Your capacity to indulge is limited only by actual physics at this point, and who needs physics when you are indulging in such psychedelic, non-euclidean sound formations? […]

Painted Caves – Surveillance LP

The mere mention of Evan Caminiti or any other Barn Owl related project has often triggered a “must grip” reaction from many of our readers, and with good reason, these dudes are forever on point. If one complaint could be lobbied against this particular crew, it might be that everything shares a similar aesthetic, but […]

Barn Owl “V” LP

Speaking of the April titles from Thrill Jockey, the standout release for most of our readers will probably be this new LP from Barn Owl, who we really can’t possibly praise anymore than we already have within these pages. The internet can only contain so much dick-ridin’. Preorder V from thrilljockey.com. “While supplies last all […]

Barn Owl Repressed

Just a quick heads up that Thrill Jockey has done the responsible, grown-up thing and repressed two conspicuously out-of-print titles from desert psych destroyers Barn Owl. Lost in the Glare and Ancestral Star are both available in newly minted editions of 500 apiece at thrilljockey.com.

Evan Caminiti “Dreamless Sleep” LP Pre-order

The endlessly prolific Barn Owl boys are still at it. At this point, I’m having trouble keeping up – but I’ve never been disappointed with anything coming from this camp, so this one is going into my cart just like every other release from Elm, Jon Porras, Higuma, etc. The first 500 orders will get […]

Immune Recordings: Evan Caminiti “Night Dust” LP & Micah Blue Smaldone / Big Blood “split” LP

Could the Barn Owl members ever be too prolific? Absolutely not, it’s simply not possible. At times it’s hard to keep up, but it’s always a pleasure catching up with Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras. Speaking of the former, Mr. Caminiti has a new album forthcoming on Immune, and I know you always have extra […]

Barn Owl “From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light” LP Reissue + More from Not Not Fun

The reissue of Barn Owl’s early opus, “From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light”, is pretty huge in our eyes, as we’ve both spent a good amount of time tracking down copies in the past. The album is, no exaggeration, one of the best drone/psych LPs to come out in the past half-decade. They’ve gotten a […]

Evan Caminiti “Distant Lights” 7″

One of the first posts I ever published for this blog was for a 7″ series from Trensmat. Awesome to see these dudes are still kickin’ (and so are we!). You may have heard us mention Evan’s name a few times, maybe even his band Barn Owl. Both are spoken about with complete reverence around […]

Evan Caminiti “When California Falls Into The Sea” LP

Like I said, those Barn Owl guys, ultra-prolific. This new solo album from Evan Caminiti has been in the works for over a year, and it promises to be completely awe-inspiring. Because I haven’t heard this one yet, I’m gonna trust what the label says. They state that “When California Falls Into The Sea” finds […]

Evan Caminiti “West Winds” LP Preorder

Our good friends at Three Lobed Recordings have posted a preorder for the new Evan Caminiti album, and we seriously could not be more excited to own this beast on vinyl.  For those not aware, Caminiti is one-half of the dark drone duo Barn Owl, one of our favorite bands in the world.  This newest […]