Tape Tuesday: Expo Seventy – Closet Full Of Candles CS

Justin Wright, the hardest working man in drone music, has just re-released a tiny edition of 50 of Closet Full Of Candles, a tape previously only available on tour. These will be gone in a flash: exposeventy.com or exposeventy.bandcamp.com.

Expo Seventy “Virtually From The Unknown” LP

Update 02/18/2014: Pretty swanky screen-printed edition available over at exposeventy.com, limited to 38… And then there’s Justin Wright, aka Expo Seventy. We’ve been covering the man’s career for so long; pretty much ever since this blog started (almost 5 years ago, holy shit). It’s inconceivable that his prolific release schedule continues to yield such quality […]

Expo 70 – filer à l’anglaise LP

This collection of cuts from Justin Wright and Matt Hill has already gone out of stock once at Experimedia, and at Justin’s own webstore. It’s back in stock one more time at experimedia.net and drone fiends should act quickly.

Expo ’70 / Plankton Wat “split” LP

Wow, this could very well be a perfect pairing of artists. There is nothing worse than getting a split LP with only one good artist and just trying to pretend like the other side doesn’t exist. But there is nothing better than getting a split LP that you can flip endlessly into the night. Expo […]

Tape Tuesday: Expo 70 Repressed

Erik from Immune has repressed two out-of-print Expo 70 tapes and released them back into the wild. Both Journey Through Astral Projection and Where Does Your Mind Go? were recorded in the same sessions, with Justin Wright on guitar/electronics and featuring Matt Hill (aka Umberto) on the assist. Both sessions have been pressed onto new […]

Tape Tuesday: Expo 70 “Beguiled Entropy” CS

Justin Wright’s sold-out album on Blackest Rainbow, now available on cassette along with the Hovering Resonance EP from Sound of Cobra (also sold out). It’s all jammed onto one handy, portable cassette so you can just zone the fuck out in your 2001 Honda Accord whenever you feel the need (please not during rush hour, […]

Expo 70 “Beguiled Entropy” LP Pre-order

The best thing about our favorite drone artists is that they are so damn prolific. Not that Expo 70 fits squarely into the drone category; Justin’s psychedelic riffs carry enough weight to drop the bottom out of any genre bag they’re placed in. Case in point: Beguiled Entropy, an LPs worth of transcendent sounds collected […]

Pulse Emitter / Date Palms / Expo 70 / Faceplant 2xLP

One of the finest Record Store Day releases… that didn’t quite release in time for Record Store Day. This four-way heavy-weight split on Immune is the stuff droney dreams are made from, featuring tunes from Pulse Emitter, Date Palms, Expo 70 and Faceplant. This is limited to 1000 pieces, mastered and cut at D&M and […]

Expo ’70 “Hovering Resonance” 12″

New realms of sonic immersion from KC’s very own beloved son Justin Wright. The space rock vibes are in full force – repetition and trance driven by hypnotic drones. This project is so good. One-sided 12″ now available from exposeventy.com – limited to 200 copies in silkscreened covers, these are sold out from the label and won’t last […]

Justin Wright’s (Expo ’70) Top Ten Releases

It’s been an amazing year for Justin Wright. So many quality releases and re-issues for his Expo ’70 project, plus a nonstop stream of amazing underground releases on the Sonic Meditations label. 2012 is looking even better. Here’s Justin’s top ten from 2011: Peaking Lights “936” Serpent Venom “Carnal Altar” The Wounded Kings “In The […]