Two New Cassettes by Expo 70 on Immune

Immune, quite simply one of the best labels in the world, is taking preorders for two new cassettes by Expo 70. The first is a new pressing of the ever-popular “Where Does Your Mind Go?” (sold out two vinyl pressings now), the second is “Journey Through Astral Projection”, a brand new set of recordings from […]

Tape Tuesday: Expo 70 “Radience” CS

Seems like we are posting about a new release from Justin Wright every week, this project is incredibly prolific lately. Mostly because he has taken it upon himself to repress his entire back catalogue via Sonic Meditations, which is awesome. But this time it’s just a great pairing between one of our favorite drone artists […]

Expo 70 “Awakening” LP

Justin Wright is re-issuing this Sloow Tapes edition from 2009 on vinyl (and cassette, if you’d rather). We’ve gushed on this project quite a bit in these pages, and it’s not just because Justin shares a city with one of our writers. Expo 70 is at the top of his game, untouchable within this particular […]

New Aguirre: Expo ’70, Stellar Om Source, JD Emmanuel, Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future) & Ada Van Hoorenbeke

aka Holy shit look at all this vinyl I have to buy all of the sudden. In case you haven’t noticed, Aguirre Records is having a great year. Following up their last batch of must-grip vinyl (including Sean McCann and Red Electric Rainbow) is this newest round of catalog numbers. These all promise to be […]

Five New Tapes on Sweat Lodge Guru

The fourth batch of tapes from Sweat Lodge Guru, our in-house label, has just became available.  We couldn’t possibly be happier with these, the quality of music coming in just keeps getting higher and higher.  This batch represents our deepest forays into electronica/wonk, plus our biggest tape release yet.  A few things have also been […]

Expo ’70 “Sonic Messenger” 2xLP Preorder

Beta-Lactum Ring has a preorder up for one of the best drone albums of the past year, Expo ’70′s Sonic Messenger.  This album is more mature and professional than anything he’s done before, it’s a seriously stunning piece of work.  It’s a deep, psychedelic journey of the highest caliber.  The label is giving it the […]

Expo 70 “Resurrection (Heavy Meditation)” CS

Apparently this “tape trend” shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down anytime soon. As one of our readers commented: it’s a cheap way to discover new music that you just won’t find anywhere else. Buying yourself a reliable tape deck opens you up to a whole new world of blown-out, underground sound. But […]

Expo 70 “Where Does Your Mind Go?” 2xLP

First of all, a warning to your wallet, this post and the four below it probably represent the five most essential purchases we’ve ever had up all in one day, and this one is most exciting.  Immune Recordings and Justin Wright’s Expo 70 project are a match made in heaven.  With Wright’s tireless work ethic […]

New Tapes and a Record from Sonic Meditations

Justin Wright’s (aka Expo 70) Sonic Meditations label just dropped a figurative ton of amazing new drone releases.  The most exciting news has to be a brand new vinyl version of Expo 70′s 2006 opus, “Center of the Earth”, presented as a 2xLP on 180 gram vinyl (100 on blue, 400 on black) in a […]

Expo 70 “The Vanishing World Within” and Plante “Shroud of Winter / Fripping Awesome” Tapes

Few things get us more excited than new releases from Kansas City’s Sonic Meditations label, or really anything to do with the Kansas City experimental/drone scene (trust us, it’s surprisingly great).  These two new tape releases are wonderful examples of what makes the region great.  Expo 70′s new tape on Solid Melts, titled “The Vanishing […]