Fell Voices “Regnum Saturni” 2xLP Test Pressing Giveaway

Adam from Gilead Media reached out to us this morning offering to do a test press giveaway for the new Fell Voices album. We like Adam, we like Fell Voices, and we love you guys so of course we got right on top of it. You all know the deal, and if you don’t: see […]

Sleepwalker “Untitled II” 12″

Sleepwalker’s second untitled EP is now available on vinyl, once again courtesy of Vedavu Records. Pressed in an edition of 100, newly remastered for the vinyl format, with a full color single-pocket jacket and inner sleeve plus an OBI strip. Available while supplies last at vedavu.bigcartel.com. ONLY 15 COPIES REMAIN. Also, if you missed out on […]

Sleepwalker “untitled” 12″

Sleepwalker features Michael Rekevics of both Fell Voices and Ruin Lust. If you like either of those groups, and why the hell wouldn’t you, then we suggest you pick up this limited edition 12″ of Sleepwalker’s first demo immediately. When we say “limited edition” we mean 100 copies are available on white vinyl cut at […]

Fell Voices “Untitled” LP

Fell Voices untitled LP from 2009 has been repressed by Human Resources. So if you weren’t listening to us two years ago, hopefully you trust us by now – buy this. Still amazing, still only $12 shipped – humanresources.bigcartel.com.

Tape Tuesday: Ruin Lust Demo CS

Is there any better descriptor than “chaotic, violent black/death metal”? Featuring members from Fell Voices? Sold. If any of you are not soon $6 poorer, you’re no friend of mine. Seriously though, metal fiends – you need this. Ruin Lust demo now available via the internet – psychicviolence.bigcartel.com.

Fell Voices “Demo 2008” LP

You shouldn’t even be reading this. You should have already clicked through to purchase this completely essential vinyl repressing of Fell Voices debut demo cassette. The second release from fledgling metal label/distro Analog Worship, this is available on 180 gram mossy green vinyl or standard kvlt black vinyl (also 180 grams). Easily the most highly […]

Contest: Win A Test Pressing of the Ash Borer / Fell Voices LP

First of all, read about Gilead Media’s three new releases below.  They were kind enough to offer up a test pressing of the Ash Borer / Fell Voices split LP for one of our readers.  This one came out first on tape, but is now getting a proper 180 gram vinyl release.  It was on […]

Fell Voices “S/T” LP and Ash Borer / Fell Voices Split LP Preorders

As referenced above, Gilead Media just posted preorders for two of the most exciting, most enthusiastically traded underground black metal releases in recent memory.  Originally kicking around on cassette and cd-r, fans have been dying to have them on vinyl, and we couldn’t ask for a better label to deliver.  Divided into two side-long passages, […]

Ash Borer / Fell Voices “split” CS

I guess this is called black metal, but to me it just sounds absolutely fucking INSANE. If ever there was a tape  worth the inflated price tag, it’s this one – not sure if you will see it turn up again. Two underground heavyweights totally peaking on two sides of magnetic tape. You shouldn’t have […]

Fell Voices “s/t” LP

Fell Voices play fierce and fuzzy blackened metal with what appears to be totally inhuman drumming. Their new full length for Human Resources is two songs with no titles pressed onto 180 gram black vinyl. In their own words, “It features two untitled songs recorded during the winter solstice.  Any information to the contrary is […]