King Midas Sound / Fennesz – Edition 1 LP

King Midas Sound, the narcotic infused side-project of The Bug’s Kevin Martin, has announced a forthcoming series of collaborations that will total four in all. The first collaboration, titled, ahem, Edition 1, is a pairing with none other than Fennesz, Austrian guitar and electronics wizard. Two titans of sound conspiring to release an LP’s worth of music? […]

Fennesz – Venice 2xLP

Holy digital decay! Have we really not written this one up yet? The phenomenal album Venice from Fennesz has finally, and rather recently, received an expanded vinyl pressing on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. And it sounds freaking fantastic. Slow-motion run, don’t walk, to your closest record store and pick up a copy. And if the […]

Fennesz – Bécs LP

Oh, that’s right… that new Fennesz album dropped. We finally got around to listening to it and it is (predictably) thrilling. You should pick yourself up a copy via

Fennesz – Endless Summer 2xLP

Not exactly breaking the news here but I did not realize this had been recently repressed until I stumbled upon a copy at The Electric Fetus. This album represents a seminal moment in glitch/electronic/ambient/experimental/whatever sound and would, of course, pave the way for later and critically lauded albums like Black Sea (and, of course, the new […]

Fennesz “17.02.12” 2xLP + CD + DVD Boxset

You can generally gauge how much you love a particular artist or group by how much you are willing to spend on their extravagantly packaged boxset. In the case of Christian Fennesz, I’d hazard to guess that there are a few out there who don’t mind dropping their hard-earned coin on some live material. For […]

Fennesz “Seven Stars” 10″ EP

You guys remember Fennesz, right? The experimental Poster Boy who helped launch ambient into the mainstream with his Black Sea album some years ago? Well that album still sounds awesome, and always will – it’s a certified classic. We have all been waiting for the follow-up, and it looks like we will have to wait […]

Fennesz “Black Sea” LP Repressed

While we are on the topic of repressed vinyl from Christian Fennesz, how about this album – Black Sea? Beautiful, ambient noise orchestrated by a true master. I was not aware that this had gone out of print, but if you do not have a copy in your collection, then you are certainly doing yourself […]

Ambarchi/Fennesz/Pimmon/Rehberg/Rowe “Afternoon Tea” 2xLP Preorder

Originally recorded and released in 2000, this massive set will once again ignite listener circuits with a brand new vinyl edition.  With Ambarchi and Rowe on guitars and Fennesz, Pimmon, and Rehberg on laptops, “Afternoon Tea” is a truly international all-star affair, one of the greatest pieces of experimental improvisation ever recorded.  Available for the […]

Oneohtrix Point Never “Returnal” 7″ Remixed by Antony and Fennesz

Holy €12 seven-inch! Editions Mego isn’t pulling any punches with the price point on this OPN single featuring a remix apiece from Antony (sans Johnsons) and noise-bliss champ Fennesz. We will see what prices look like once a few North American distributors get this in, but for now you are in luck if you live […]

On / Fennesz “Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not” LP

Another great new album on the Type label, this type from Sylvain Chaveau and Steven Hess’s “On” project. You may or may not remember that On features sounds created by Sylvain and Steven which are then passed onto another artist to do what they will with. That resulted in a pretty dark album of subsonic […]