Flying Lotus “Until The Quiet Comes” 2xLP

You probably could have predicted our reaction, but we think this new Flying Lotus record is fucking amazing and recommend you order it immediately. Doubters can stream the entire album at Many of us have been waiting all year for more news about this record. Not much to say. Flying Lotus stands alone; the […]

Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma Alt Takes” Limited Edition 12″

One of the finest Record Store Day releases right here, in our humble opinion. FlyLo’s Alt Takes reads through like a rudimentary sketchbook of the excellent Cosmogramma album. Considering that album is bursting out the seams with ideas, then this stripped down affair is also quite a delight – perfect, zoned-in vibes. A fantastic release for […]

Flying Lotus “Pattern+Grid World” 12″ EP

Warp rolls out a new track from Flying Lotus in anticipation of his new EP Pattern+Grid World. Guess what? It’s totally bananas and it’s $17 and limited to 2000 at Don’t let this one slip through your fingers.

Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma” 2xLP Pre-order

This could possibly be one of the most anticipated albums of the year for OMGV: a new piping hot double slab of beats from Flying Lotus, arguably one of the best producers operating in the current scene. All early indicators point towards this being an absolute mindfuck of an album in which Flying Lotus masters […]

Gonjasufi “Kowboyz & Indians” 7″ Preorder

Following up on his last blink-and-ya-missed-it 7″ single (complete with foil cover prayer book) the man known as Gonjasufi is releasing the track “Kowboyz & Indians” from his forthcoming album as a limited edition featuring a non-album cut on the flip side. The Flying Lotus produced track below isn’t off this single, but it’s off […]

Do-Over Volume One 10″

Stones Throw has teamed up with the folks behind The Do-Over, a series of summertime parties in LA, to release some exclusive 10″ records featuring tunes from party guests.  Volume One features exclusive tracks by Flying Lotus and Detroit newcomer House Shoes.  The packaging was immaculately designed by Steven Harrington, and features a duo-finish jacket, […]

Hyperdub “5.1” & “5.2” EPs now available

In case you couldn’t scrounge up the funds for that pre-order we posted about awhile back, we thought we would let you know that the first two installments of the Hyperdub 5th anniversary 12 inches are available currently. The tracklisting so far reads like a who’s who of the current left-field beat scene. Available at […]

Dublab Presents… Echo Expansion – LP

Could be alternately known as “Dublab Presents… A Lot of Our Favorite Artists on One Amazing Compilation” but I suppose “Echo Expansion” works, too. Featuring tracks from The Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Flying Lotus and a whole host of other cosmic beat luminaries, this limited edition vinyl LP is bound to please and certain to […]

Hyperdub – 5 Years of Low End Contagion – 5×12″ + 2xCD Preorder

Dubstep is putting a hurting on my wallet this week. Bleep announced today that it is offering a pre-order for the forthcoming 12″ series from Hyperdub celebrating 5 years in the beats business. There are some amazing names on this series, all contributing unreleased tracks. The first two twelve inches alone feature tracks from Flying […]

Flying Lotus – L.A. EP 3×3 – 12″

You may recall, we posted news on the pre-order for the most recent (and final) L.A. EP from Flying Lotus a month or so ago. Just thought ya’ll might like to know its starting to pop up in distros. This one contains a handful of new remixes and two brand new tracks from the man […]