Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind LP

There’s a new album from Four Tet out. After a non-stop run of killer 12″ singles on his very own Text imprint, the man drops a full length LP of his inimitable beats and mind-warp melodies. You can pick this LP up right now at or

Percussions “Bird Songs / Rabbit Songs” 12″

A mysterious new pair of cuts on Four Tet’s supreme Text label, which may or may not come from the man himself. Take a listen and make your own decision on the tunesmith’s identity. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t wait long – or

Burial / Four Tet Split 12″

UPDATE: Repressed?! Hurry – I almost shat literally when I got this email announcement from BLEEP. A split 12″ with new material from Four Tet and Burial? You guys, this is gonna be realllly good. A 12″ EP with a side per artist – black jacket, black sleeves, black vinyl. There is none more […]

Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke = Sold Out

I feel bad even telling you all about this, because as of right now the chances of obtaining a copy are looking pretty fucking slim. I checked the Bleep link ten minutes after getting the email and it was already long gone. Not much to say – I’m not sure you could put three artists […]

Four Tet / Daphni (aka Caribou) “Pinnacles / Ye Ye” 12″

Well, here we have it. A new 12″ from our man Four Tet, backed by a tune from some dude named Daphni – who is (it’s no secret) better known to the Pitchfork reading masses as Caribou. This comes out on Four Tet’s very own Text Records, the same label that released that hot-as-shit Burial […]

Future Bass 3xLP Compilation

Does what it says on the tin! With a title and artwork that bold, a package like this better deliver, and the Future Bass compilation curated by Soul Jazz certainly does, bringing some of the heaviest hitters in the dubstep scene onto three chest-caving platters of low-end overload. The Four Tet and Mala tunes were […]

Four Tet / Mala “Nothing To See / Don’t Let Me Go” 12″

Two heavy hitting producers team up for a split 12″ from the Soul Jazz Records label. Both Four Tet and Digital Mystikz (Mala) have released essential albums this year, and based on the clips below, this will be another essential slab of wax for all of the heady beat heads out there. Pick it up […]

Four Tet “There is Love in You” LP

UPDATE on the UPDATE: I just read a rumor that the LP version of this album is limited to 500. Take it for what it’s worth – I read it in the Bleep newsletter. But I don’t imagine you would need much more incentive to pre-order this ASAP. UPDATE: Just in case you decided that […]

Sunburned Hand of the Man “A” LP

Not a lot of info to be found about this release currently. Maybe that’s because of the impossible to google album title, or maybe because no promo copies were sent out at all. What we do know is that this is Sunburned’s second album with Kieren Hebden aka Four Tet acting as producer. We also […]

Four Tet “Love Cry b/w Our Bells” 12″

This has been popping up in all of our favorite dance music distros for the past couple of weeks. If you somehow haven’t heard of it yet, it’s imperative we let you know. You can currently pre-order this for around $8 from the label that’s putting it out: Domino Records. Word is that “Love Cry” […]