Grouper – Ruins LP

A new album from Liz Harris is on the horizon and this one features only piano and her voice. Without the additional abstraction of reverb-soaked soundwaves, these stripped down, plaintive ballads drive the melancholy straight to your sad, sad heart. Pick up a pre-order from (click the “catalog” link) or snag Liz’s self-released version (with screenprinted artwork, […]

Grouper (Liz Harris) and Lawrence English “Slow Walkers” s/t LP

Updated 8/28/2013: Now up at The chase continues. This is gonna get repressed, guys. 🙂 Updated 08/16/2013: In stock at but probably not for long. Gone again 🙁 Updated 08/15/2013: Hurry — You were not fast enough. Whoa, hey guys! It’s us, OMGVinyl. Turns out that if we just up and decide […]

Grouper “The Man Who Died in His Boat” LP + “Dragging a Dead Dear Up a Hill” LP Reissue

1/31/2013 UPDATE: After being taken down for a brief period, these “pre-orders” are available once again, and probably shipping since also has their copies for sale now! Fantastic fucking news from Mr. Kranky. Early 2013 will see the label not only reissuing the classic Dragging a Dead Dear Up a Hill LP, but also […]

Mirrorring “Foreign Body” LP

Mr. Kranky is looking good this year – Mirrorring is a new project featuring Jesy Fortino of Tiny Vipers and Liz Harris (also known as Grouper). Ambient dream-tones is the name of the game, you should at least halfway know what to expect, folks. And while Kranky isn’t known for their ultra limited pressings by […]

Visitor (Elizabeth Harris aka Grouper & Ilyas Ahmed) 12″

This 12″ is a limited pressing made for Social Music’s Record & Tape Club. It is available here individually for $12. If your head didn’t just explode then you forgot to read the word Grouper in the post title. Must grip – (hint: click on Distributed Titles).

The Two New Grouper Albums are Available at Little Axe Records

We’ll keep this one short. The two new Grouper albums, which disappeared instantly, are now available in short supply via Thrill Jockey and Forced Exposure. If you’ve been a fan of Liz Harris’ dark, dreamy drone in the past, you’ll love these too, they’re beautiful. They are priced at $18 at TJ and $19 at […]

Grouper “Hold / Sick” 7″ (Copies Available)

A few copies of the amazing Grouper 7″ from last year just showed up at Thrill Jockey.  This is pretty much completely out of print, so grab it now before it’s gone forever.  If you haven’t heard it, well, it’s amazing, it was on about half of the year-end lists I saw.  Get one for […]

Social Music Record + Tape Club Subscription Series

These record clubs are pretty great – just pay upfront, then relax and get sent records for the next coupla months. And when the roster looks as good as this one does, it’s hard to pass up. We’re looking at exclusive vinyl releases from Sir Richard Bishop, The Bats, Califone, Cloudcraft, Noah Found Grace, Evan […]

Grouper “Hold/Sick” 7″ & Rafael Anton Irisarri “The North Bend” LP

Announcing new Grouper vinyl for sale is usually followed by phrases like “already gone” but it appears that Room 40 is still taking pre-orders for this soon-to-be scarce 7″. Yeah, the price after shipping can be pretty outrageous depending on where you live, but it’s still well under what this will be going for on […]

Duane Pitre “Origin” & Common Eider, King Eider “Worn” LPs on Root Strata

Root Strata just posted a huge update of new releases, and while it is definitely worth checking out everything (new book + DVD from Liz Harris aka Grouper anyone?), OMGV will simply touch on what is pertinent to the blog at hand. That being mainly two new vinyl releases – one from Duane Pitre and […]