Harvey Milk “Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men” 2xLP

What can I tell you about Harvey Milk that you don’t already know? This band somehow managed to claw off the crust of 90’s obscurity and reinvent themselves as critical darlings for a new century of heavy metal lovers. All while giving absolutely not a single shit. This is the 3rd vinyl issue of this […]

Harvey Milk “A Small Turn Of Human Kindness” LP

New vinyl from Hydra Head is always cause for celebration, particularly when it’s the long overdue analogue edition of Harvey Milk’s latest. You all should know what to expect by now – down-tuned and depressing and utterly irresistible sludge of the highest possible caliber. True rock and roll sung from the gutter. Four colorways are […]

A Load of New Preorders from Hydra Head Records

The fine folks at Hydra Head have just dropped a pretty insane trio of vinyl preorders.  The first is the long-awaited self-titled release from Harvey Milk.  Recorded over 15 years ago and better known as “The Bob Weston Sessions”, this set of songs represent what should have been the band’s debut album.  It’s a 2xLP […]

Harvey Milk – Live at Supersonic – Clear Vinyl LP

Here’s some more info on that Harvey Milk live LP we posted about a week or so ago. The label releasing it, Capsule, has now posted pre-orders for their webshop exclusive version on clear vinyl. I’d still like to know what the recording quality is like on this one, but seeing as how it’s limited […]

Harvey Milk / Wildildlife – Split 7″

A long time ago, we posted about this seven-inch subscription series from Volcom, makers of fine t-shirts found at a Pac Sun near you. I’d have to say our main motivation posting that was because they mentioned the name Harvey Milk in the list of artists and well, we really like Harvey Milk. For those […]

Harvey Milk – Live at Supersonic July 12th, 2008 – LP Preorder

Live albums. You either love ’em or you hate ’em. If you are of the latter persuasion, kindly glance elsewhere for a moment while I inform the more enlightened among us. Actually not a lot of info on this one, I just stumbled across a couple of pre-orders while traipsing about the internets. £7.79 seems […]

Harvey Milk – The Weston Sessions – 2xLP

Hey there! Are you familiar with this band? Into it? You might should act quick fast on this. This is the first time ever that The Weston Sessions has been released on any sort of touchable, smellable, enjoyable format. The Weston Sessions being allegedly the unreleased very first album from this band Harvey Milk that […]

Harvey Milk – “Life… The Best Game in Town” 2xLP

Good news from the Hydra Head blog today. The long awaited 2xLP version of Harvey Milk’s latest is finally available. As usual with Hydra Head releases, there are a few different colors to pick from: white with purple haze vinyl, black vinyl, red rocket vinyl and silt grey vinyl. This is all heavy wax with […]

Harvey Milk – The Singles 2xLP

In the mad race to press everything this band has ever recorded onto vinyl, Relapse is now offering The Singles on 2xLP with your choice of 180gm black or blue vinyl (as always there are also 100 on clear vinyl not available to the public). The Singles is a collection of tunes from out-of-print 7″s […]

Harvey Milk TRIPLE Pack From Chunklet

Is your vinyl collection lacking some weight? Thanks to our friends at Chunklet, you can now remedy that problem. As you may know, Chunklet has been on a roll this year with the Harvey Milk reissues, and is now offering the first three albums together at a discounted price. You get “My Love Is Higher […]