Horseback – Piedmont Apocrypha LP

Horseback and Three Lobed Recordings and the sweet, sweet sound of vinyl. Three of our favorite things for sure. It’s great — as always — to see a new album from Jenks Miller, and what better label to do it justice than TLR. You should — and can — expect great things here. This one […]

Jenks Miller (Horseback) “Spirit Signal” Test Pressing Giveaway from Northern Spy

Oh, we already wrote this one up, right? Well, hopefully you guys pre-ordered it then. As the release date looms ever closer (September 3rd, mark your calendars), Adam from Northern Spy has graciously offered to pitch one of our lovely readers a complimentary test pressing of this new album from Jenks Miller, performed under his […]

Jenks Miller (aka Horseback) “Spirit Signal” LP

Who is this Jenks Miller fellow, you ask? Well, many of you may know him better as Horseback, a project we have been following for quite some time on this olde blog. The man is releasing an album under the name his mother gave him on Northern Spy, and it would be wise of all […]

Tape Tuesday: Horseback “Stolen Fire”

Tape tuesday still exists, fret not. Sometimes it just takes a new cassette from Horseback to remind us. “Stolen Fire is a collection of previously-unreleased electro-noise experiments, junk loops, dub detritus and twisted demo material” and that’s really all you need to know because if you were actually as smart as you pretend to be […]

Horseback “Impale Golden Horn” LP

Oh wow, we are so glad to finally have a chance to own Impale Golden Horn on vinyl. With the release of The Invisible Mountain in 2010, Jenks Miller was propelled into the indie-darling, abstract-metal spotlight. Only upon reflection did many of us catch onto Impale Golden Horn. Thanks to our friends at Three Lobed, […]

Horseback “Half Blood” LP Pre-order

In the pantheon of innovative and dark, psychedelic music, few stars shine darker than Horseback. The list of peers is short, and consists almost exclusively of groups that Jenks Miller himself has chosen to collaborate with between his last album (The Invisible Mountain) and this, his most ambitious recording to date. To call this metal […]

Horseback “On The Eclipse” 7″

Maybe you heard, Horseback has some new tunes out in the form of a very limited 7″ from Brutal Panda Records. They were kind enough to send us over the tracks to preview and have graciously allowed us to stream them here. The vinyl is limited to 150 copies on “black shadow” and  350 on […]

Pyramids / Horseback “A Throne Without A King Cassette” Cassette

Hopefully you managed to pick up a copy of this on vinyl – if not, has them in stock currently. And if you just hate the way vinyl sounds so full and rich (ugh, I know right?) then you can also get a copy on cassette. This collaborative LP is absolutely stunning, as you […]

Pyramids / Horseback “A Throne Without A King” LP + 7″ Pre-Order

Whoa there, buddy. Mr. Horseback has gotta take it easy with these avant-metal collaborations. First Locrian, now Pyramids. This time a 2xLP featuring a 45 minute tune split across 4 sides and a seven inch featuring a new tune from each project. This is destined to be an amazing record, both of these musical entities […]

Horseback / Locrian “New Dominions” LP

Good luck trying to pair up a more appropriate or innovative group of artists; what an amazing record this promises to be. Not a split, New Dominions is a collaborative one-side LP. Yeah, I wish there were two sides of music as well – but even without the flip, this crushes in ways barely hinted […]