Jesu “s/t” 2xLP

Most likely the best Jesu release, if not simply the greatest doom-drone release of all time. This self-titled debut album from 2005 definitely stands in a class all its own. The last pressing on Hydra Head was a picture disc, which is great – unless you actually want to enjoy the music cranked up loud […]

Jesu “Heartache & Dethroned” 2xLP

I guess we better get this post up and out of the way before every colored piece of vinyl vanishes into the internet ether. What’s that you say? Opaque grey with light pink is already gone?! For shame, OMGVinyl! FOR SHAME!

Greymachine “Disconnected” 2xLP

A fierce transmission from a handful of heavyweight luminaries, most notably Justin Broadrick and Aaron Turner. Don’t expect any post-rock expanse or shoe-gaze gloss, though. This shit is mean, fuzzy and, well… disconnected. 2xLP version finally available from Hydra Head, for now pick up a $22 copy from [Audio clip: view full post to […]

Jesu “Infinity” LP

UPDATE from the archives: Infinity, Heartache and Pale Sketches LPs are all currently available at the Hydra Head I suppose I should tell everyone about this new vinyl LP by Jesu available to order from the Avalanche store. If memory serves correct, Infinity consists of one long song in the typical Jesu style. Though […]

Pelican “March Into The Sea” Vinyl EP Reissue

I know it has been out for a few months, but the wonderful gentlemen from Hawthorne Street Records sent over the new reissue of Pelican’s “March Into The Sea” EP, and it is looking and sounding amazing.  If you’re unfamiliar with this one, it has an epic, sprawling 20 minute song on the a-side and […]

Final + Fear Falls Burning “s/t” LP Preorder

A drone pairing that will certainly sound as good on vinyl as it looks on paper. Justin Broadrick and Fear Falls Burning are two artists with long-standing stakes in the experimental music scene; leave it up to a label like Conspiracy to get them together on the same album. Preorders have just been opened, and […]

Jesu – Opiate Sun – 12″ EP Preorder

If you don’t know who Jesu is than you probably have no business collecting vinyl. Justin Broadrick is not a stranger to this game, he’s in it to win it. The newest 5 song 12″ EP is coming out on none other than Mark Kozelek’s Caldo Verde label and can be pre-ordered currently at Aural […]

Jesu – “Heart Ache” & “Pale Sketches” LP

Thought this was worth mentioning. Aquarius Records has got these two imported Jesu LPs in their webstore right now. Maybe a little pricey at $24 (and not significantly cheaper than just ordering them yourself from the Avalanche store), but Jesu completists know they need these two albums. Heart Ache is Jesu’s debut album and Pale […]