Trouble Knows Me (Madlib) 12″ EP

So Sam Herring is a dope MC that occasionally moonlights as the lead singer for some band called Future Islands and Otis Jackson Jr. is some jazz cat that occasionally releases beat tapes or whatever as Madlib. Together they form Trouble Knows Me and released an EP called Trouble Knows Me which contains a track called “Trouble […]

Madlib ‘Pill Jar’ LP

The phantasmagorical artwork adorning the newest slab of beats on vinyl from Madlib is pretty great, and so is the music inside. This is Madlib we’re talking about, after all. Pill Jar collects a selection of cuts from the Madlib Medicine Show Volumes 1 through 13 onto our favorite format. Pick it up at

Madlib – Piñata Beats 2xLP

Hey rappers! Guess what? You suck. At least in comparison to Freddie Gibbs. But that shouldn’t stop you from picking up this 2xLP of Piñata Beats by Señor Madlib and practicing at home in front of the mirror… then crying yourself to sleep beneath a roiling black cloud of unfulfilled dreams and hopeless self realization. […]

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata 2xLP

I pretty much pre-ordered this faster than anything I have ever pre-ordered in my entire life. Ever. Finally, the 2xLP full-length collaboration between Freddie Gibbs and Madlib. Available for purchase from

Madlib – Rock Konducta Vol. 1 LP

The Beat Konducta returns with his newest mad scientist beat project, a vinyl only release for vinyl fiends only. This is an advance LP release for $20 from Don’t sleep.

Quasimoto “Yessir Whatever” LP

It’s not a new album, but any Quasimoto is good Quasimoto, and Yessir Whatever is a must-grip collection of odds and ends from throughout the years. The vinyl edition comes with a rad peel-off sticker cover and a bonus 45. Not too shabby. Support the bad character at

Five Rap Records That Are Well Worth Your Attention

I’ve been listening to a ton of rap music this year, it just seems to have gotten a LOT more exciting lately. I wanted to take a quick moment to spotlight a number of releases that are available on vinyl right now. Try to enjoy. Danny Brown “XXX” 2xLP – This is easily one of […]

“Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix” 2xLP

I’ve got a pretty strict policy to never re-buy LPs that I already own but this official edition of Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix is looking a helluva lot nicer than my white-sleeve, no-frills promo. It comes with a comic book, and it’s the closest thing you will get to a new Madvillain album until […]

Lootpack “Soundpieces: Da Antidote” 3xLP + 7″

Stones Throw pulls an essential reissue out of its massive back catalog. For most people, myself at least, Soundpieces served as the introduction to Madlib, simply one of the most prolific and talented musical minds of our generation. It was also a launching point for Quasimoto, MED, Dudley Perkins, and Oh No. Pretty huge record […]

“Madlib Medicine Show #9 – Channel 85 Presents Nittyville” 3xLP

Lost in the shuffle between eight and ten, the ninth entry in the Madlib Medicine Show series has finally shown its face. “Channel 85 Presents Nittyville” is a straightforward collaborative rap album from Madlib and Frank Nitty. There are some guests here and there, but those two pretty much run the show on this one. […]