Mark McGuire “Get Lost” LP

’bout time we wrote this one up! Mark McGuire (aka Big Mac) is, of course, an American professional baseball player who batted for the Oakland Athetics and the St. Louis Cardinals. Due to a steroid scandal that effectively put his Major League career on hold, he now plays guitar for Grammy Award winning musical group […]

Mark McGuire “Get Lost” LP Pre-order

Due to the sheer volume of their catalog and prolific output of related side-projects, it seems like Emeralds has been around since at least the 70s. Hard to believe they are such a young band. So if you’re a John Elliott man, wait a few days for his next cassette, vinyl, wax-cylinder to drop. But […]

The Amazing Births “Younger Moon” LP

The Amazing Births is a collaboration between drone-guitar superstar Mark Mcguire (playing synth here) and his buddy Julian Gulyas (who also runs the Cylindrical Habitat Modules label). Dudes have blasted out a couple of cassette editions, and now stand poised to drop this full-length LP on the masses. You can order this right now from […]

Trouble Books & Mark McGuire “s/t” LP

Mark McGuire has joined up with Akron indie-synth dynamo duo Trouble Books to release an extremely limited LP edition. Mark’s signature string stylings are on full display here, but this might not be what you tape hoarders are used to from the Emeralds heartthrob; Trouble Books’ pop-leaning and serendipitous vocals keep the project from completely […]

Mark McGuire “Living With Yourself” LP

I’m really loving all of the Mark McGuire LPs coming out this year; also really loving Editions Mego’s 2010 rollout of artists – I’m guessing this will be another fantastic addition to the catalog for all parties involved. Mark’s excited about it, and you should be, too; you just can’t ever really have enough blissed […]

Mark McGuire “Off In The Distance” LP

After their amazing double LP effort on Editions Mego, I doubt it will be too hard to convince anyone to pick up this new LP edition from Emeralds’ very own axeman Mark McGuire. Previously released on tape via Chondritic Sound, Off In The Distance has been given an overhaul for vinyl, complete with an ace […]

Emeralds “Lake Effect Snow/Science Center” & “Candy Shoppe/The Cycle Of Abuse” 7″s

Emeralds new 2xLP on eMego is finally starting to show up in mailboxes (and hopefully some US distros soon). If you’ve already spun your copy out and need even more epic synth and guitar jams, then you should get in on the chase for the forthcoming Emeralds 7″ series, featuring outtakes and alternate versions of […]

Mark McGuire “Tidings / Amesthyst Waves” 2xLP

Emeralds’ guitarist Mark McGuire dusts off some old cassette tapes and the weirdos at Weird Forest decide to get them cleaned up by James Plotkin and pressed onto 2xLP. 4 sides of sustained guitar string bliss and electronic ornamentation. Everybody wins. No baseball jokes. Comes on a badass Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket, colored vinyl and […]

Mark McGuire “Solo Acoustic Volume Two” LP

Vin Du Select Qualitite is a vinyl-only series that features acoustic guitar work from some of the underground’s best artists. Volume 2 features the string wizardry of Mark McGuire aka 1/3 of white-hot Cleveland drone trio Emeralds. For around $15, this very special record can be all yours – limited to 500 with a letterpressed […]