Mastodon – Once More ‘Round The Sun 2xLP

The deluxe vinyl edition of the new album from Mastodon is ready for you to throw your dollar bills at. $70 gets you two 180 gram LPs housed in a quadruple gatefold jacket  adorned with Skinner’s face-melting artwork as well as four exclusive lithographs. Sounds fucking sweet but where is the standard edition for those […]

Mastodon “The Hunter” 2xLP

Love them or hate them, Mastodon rocks. Their $45 deluxe album editions don’t necessarily rock, but hey, they sound great and I buy them anyways (as do plenty of others, I am sure). You can always go the “cheap” route and buy the $25 version compressed onto one slab of vinyl. Or you could spend […]

Mastodon “Leviathan” LP

Wow, seriously. This has been a long time coming. Classic Mastodon album, finally being repressed by Relapse. The 3rd pressing comes on 4 different colors, breakdown as follows: 998 translucent red, 997 translucent gold, 999 translucent green, and 500 black. Black vinyl FTW! $22 at or purchase from their store on

Mastodon “Blood Mountain” 45rpm 2xLP

Looks like Relapse has relinquished pressing rights for Mastodon’s Blood Mountain into the capable and rapacious hands of Warner Brothers. $45 is a swift and well placed kick in the groin for Mastodon fans buying a 2xLP, even if it is cut at 45rpm. I guess we should not complain too much since there is […]

Mastodon “Remission” LP Preorder

Regardless of how you may feel about their newer material, it’s hard to deny that Mastodon have released a few hard-hitting and uncompromisingly heavy masterpieces in their day. If you’re a vinyl collector and a fan of the band, you know this repress of Remission is going to disappear pretty quickly, possibly even before the […]

Mastodon – Crack the Skye – Deluxe LP

More Mastodon news today. If you have been holding off on purchasing this album for one reason or another, I suggest you make haste to your local Hot Topic. They have the deluxe version there priced at $15.99 – that’s about $30 cheaper than anywhere else is currently offering. The deluxe version is two 180-gram […]

Mastodon – Crack the Skye – Limited Edition Color LP

Hmmm, might want to hurry on this one. Recently arrived in the Mastodon webstore is this mysterious colored vinyl version of the new album. It’s $2 more than the black vinyl version, that’s how awesome it is. $18.98 at

Mastodon “Crack The Skye” Deluxe 2xLP Pre-order

Insound has posted preorders for the deluxe edition of Mastodon’s hotly anticipated Crack The Skye album. We aren’t sure what warrants the $43 price tag on this thing, but hopefully it is well worth it. We do know that it is a 180gm double LP cut at 45rpm and also comes with a 7″ single […]