Mount Kimbie “Crooks & Lovers” 2xLP

We love Mount Kimbie, that’s no secret. We’ve been on board since day one pretty much, so it’s great to see their debut album ready to hit the shelves. Crooks & Lovers sports a big, beautiful rump smack dab on the front cover, and can be streamed in full via the wonders of the online […]

New 12″s from Joker, Mount Kimbie, Actress

The newest plate of neon-purple synth stylings and neck-snapping basslines from the one that calls himself Joker. This particular tune “Tron” has been heating up dancefloors and message boards for a while now – finally available on wax with an etching on the b-side. Purchase at or for the usual 12″ prices. Not […]

Airhead & James Blake “Pembroke b/w Lock in the Lion” 10″

Jimmy Blake is no stranger to these pages. If you loved his last 12″ on Hessle Audio, then you would probably be remiss if you did not scoop out some funds for this new 10″ backed with a tune from Jimmy’s buddy Airhead and released on my favorite boutique dubstep label: Brainmath. Yeah, a $14 […]

LV & Untold “Beacon b/w Mount Kimbie Remix” 12″

I’m not sure anybody could have picked a better pairing of my favorite electronic producers to release a 12″ together. What’s that? Burial and Four Tet released a 12″ together last year? Oh, well this is pretty good, too. Hemlock is certainly one of the more considerately curated labels out there, and this most recent […]

James Blake “The Bells Sketch” 12″ EP

James Blake, exactly one-half of Mount Kimbie but a fully beloved producer in his own right, drops a triad of slow humping body-funk melodies and r&b vocal experiments from another dimension on 12 inches for the Hessle Audio label. If you like electronica that works better on your headphones than on the dancefloor, than this […]

Mount Kimbie – Sketch On Glass – 12″

It’s no secret that we here at OMGV are slaves to the rave. The only thing I love more than throwing on a hot new tune is throwing on a hot new tune while someone blows Vicks® Vapo-Rub® in my eyes and massages my temples with Tiger Balm. I don’t post about these dubstep EPs […]

Mount Kimbie – Maybes 12″

Potent little dose of late-night, red-eyed techno here. Call it dubstep or IDM or whatever, all I know is that this 12″ debut EP from Mount Kimbie is flying off of the shelves as we speak. Its already gone out of stock at Boomkat, but you can still find it in a handful of other […]