Aidan Baker’s “Drone Compendium” LP Series

Beta-lactam Ring’s monolithic “Drone Compendium” series, curated by Aidan Baker, is now coming to fruition. This series will include full LPs by Aidan Baker, ARC, Mnemosyne, Aidan Baker / Thomas Baker / Alan Bloor, Whisper Room, Adoran, and Nadja. That’s seven complete vinyl releases, each limited to 400 copies (200 of which are the special […]

Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy “Orange” LP

This dreamy drone collab was originally released on hyper-limited CD-R format in 2007 and, obviously, sold out quickly. It’s now been expanded for a premium analog vinyl edition on Orange Milk Records and pressed on, appropriately enough, orange vinyl. This is sublime, blissful stuff – and only $15 at Drop the needle and then drop […]

Aidan Baker “Only Stories” LP

Aidan Baker returns with a second LP for The Kora Records. His solo work has always offered a nice contrast against the bombast of Nadja, and on Only Stories he creates a droney folk music recorded entirely with 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars. Housed in a fold-out, letter-pressed jacket and published in an edition […]

Nadja & Troum “Dominium Visurgis” LP

These two drone/doom heavyweights team up for a “live in the studio” session, and Denovali is just the record label to put the recorded sounds out on vinyl. An improvised collaboration with the sonic potential to be heavier than a black hole, Dominium Visurgis is available on a few different colors with a total run […]

Nadja / Armchair Migraine Journey “Transmit Acoustique Abstraction One” LP

Beta-lactum Ring have a ton of new records coming, including this stunning split from Nadja and Armchair Migraine Journey.  Nadja’s side is some heavy doom-drone, as per usual, with AMG bringing a more experimental approach to the b-side.  This package is on 220 gram vinyl, comes in a book-bound sleeve, has an edition of 200, […]

Nadja “Sky Burial” LP

Nadja have not been nearly as prolific this year as I’ve become used to. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we are definitely fond of this band, so it’s exciting to see some new material released for the always excellent Latitudes series from Southern Records. Sky Burial sees the duo playing live in Southern’s […]

A Heavy Batch of New Vinyl from Important Records

It’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten to write about some good doom metal records, and that’s exactly what Important Records just dropped on the masses.  First up is the year-and-a-half late vinyl issue of Ocean’s heavy, heavy album, “Pantheon Of The Lesser”.  This 2xLP comes on clear (edition of 100), orange (edition of […]

Nadja “Ruins of Morning” 10″

Substantia Innominata has announced details for a new 10″ vinyl release from Nadja; expect seismic waves of wall-cracking drone and doom for 40+ minutes. A bit dubious on that running time with a 10″ piece of wax, but I still wouldn’t mind a copy of this if it comes stateside. Currently available shipped out of […]

Nadja / Ovo “The Life and Death of a Wasp” LP

I’ve been wondering when the onslaught of Nadja releases would start for 2010. Well here is the first phlegmatic drop in what will certainly be a deluge of fuzzed-out, foundation rumbling drones from these prolific Canadians. This split is a collaborative work between Nadja and Ovo – and has a bonafied groove fully intact on […]

Pyramids with Nadja “Lustmord / Ulver Remixes” 12″ Pre-order

Hydra Head press up a twelve-inch teaser for what is hopefully a shortly forthcoming vinyl issue of the recent collaborative album from Pyramids with Nadja. Lustmord and Ulver remix one of the most atonishing drone tracks to spill out amidst last year’s tar-slick of high-volume clamoring. Hand-numbered to 300, one at a time for $13 […]