Kodiak / Nadja – Split LP

Here’s an epic pairing of boot-gazing metal bands. Kodiak (of Germany) and Nadja (of Canada) both contribute side long pieces to this split LP available to pre-order currently from Denovali Records. You can get this on clear vinyl with splatterz, or just plain old black vinyl – limited to 180 and 320 respectively. Both come […]

Nadja “The Bungled and The Botched” LP

This blog could probably keep going covering Nadja releases only. This guy (and gal) are nothing if not prolific. The most recent vinyl offering from these boot-gazing Canadians is an analog issue of The Bungled and The Botched, previously available only as a very limited CD. You can listen to a stream of the entire […]

Nadja & Black Boned Angel “s/t” LP

This amazing collaboration between two left-field metal artists is finally seeing the light of day on vinyl thanks to the 20BuckSpin label. This album definitely gets the OMGV Seal Of Approval and in a year where quality metal releases seem to be sagging a bit lately, this should help bolster the quality of your recent […]

Nadja – Upcoming Vinyl Releases

In hyper-prolific, post-metal vinyl release news, Canadian boot-gazers Nadja have got at least three vinyl releases forthcoming that I know of. First up is from the Adagio830 and Vendetta Berlin-based record labels, a release called Clinging to the Edge of the Sky. This is one 16-minute song on the a-side and a laser etching on […]

Nadja / Black Boned Angel – Christ Send Light 12″

Sound Devastation in the UK has recently got this ’08 collaborative release from Nadja and Black Boned Angel pressed onto the vinyl format. This comes on heavyweight black vinyl in black sleeves with silver ink. The real kicker here though is that the b-side features a good old fashioned ACID etching as opposed to the […]

A Storm of Light / Nadja – “Primitive North” Split 2xLP Pre-order

Remember when we said Robotic Empire was one of the best independent labels going right now? Well we weren’t just fussing. Take for instance this new release, a split LP by Nadja and A Storm of Light. Not only do each of these groups contribute a side a piece to the first LP in this […]