Sleep – Volume One LP

You may or may not have noticed that Sleep’s Volume One has been repressed. That’s about as seminal of a stoner rock record as any basement-dwelling, couch-bound vinyl collector could hope for – so maybe find a way to part with one of your 20 variations of Dopesmoker and pick this one up on wax. Essential. […]

Holy Sons – The Fact Facer LP + Test Pressing Giveaway

Emil Amos, founding member of Grails and Lilacs & Champagne, as well as an active member of a little-known band called OM, also finds time to release music as Holy Sons, a more personal outlet for his varied strains of sonic vibrations. Certainly one of the hardest working dudes in underground music, and one of the nicest, […]

Om – Pilgrimage LP

Om’s last album as a stripped down duo, before Chris Hakius left the group. The replacement of Chris with Emil Amos saw a fairly major shift in the density of the group’s sound so fans of the original duo may be prone to tout this as their greatest moment. That’s not true, of course, but […]

Al Cisneros “Dismas b/w Version” 7″

Here’s something new from Al Cisneros of OM / Sleep: a simple 7″, one track per side, reportedly riffing on some rock / dub / reggae vibes. We haven’t heard it, and don’t see any samples anywhere, but it’s well known that Al is The Man so disappointment is not an option. Make your purchase […]

OM “Advaitic Songs” 2xLP

Al and Emil return with a new LP on Drag City, taking their deep spiritual drone metal to newly discovered planes of ascension. No pitch necessary, just enlighten yourself –

Sleep “Dopesmoker” 2xLP

Shame on us for not writing this up yet. When this release was announced, there was some valid speculation on whether or not another version of Sleep’s legendary album was really necessary. After hearing the remastered version, we are both in agreement that it was, indeed, necessary. This is louder than you’ve ever heard the […]

Shrinebuilder “S/T” 2xLP (Stateside Copies Available)

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on this. The sought-after 2xLP of the Shrinebuilder album just showed up at Blue Collar Distro, not sure how many copies though. This dream team consists of Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Al Cisneros (OM), Dale Crover (The Melvins), and Wino, so you should know what you’re getting, heavy […]

Shrinebuilder “s/t” 2xLP

If you just got blue-balls from that cock-tease of a Baroness pre-order, then this might help relieve a little tension. 20BuckSpin, fine gentlemen that they are, have just posted the self-titled 2xLP from Shrinebuilder up for sale. That’s Shrinebuilder, spelled Melvins–Om–Neurosis–Wino. It’s on colored vinyl with an etching on the third side, and hopefully music […]

Loads of New Stuff from Important Records

Ok, a huge Important Records email came in, so I’ll try to compress this into a post, but it might be hard.  If you are confused, just ask us in the comments.  Due to various reasons, Important has a bunch of previously out-of-print titles available, plus some new “handmade” editions of records with screenprinted covers.  […]

Om “God is Good” LP Pre-order

This may quite possibly be the best album to come out this year. Folks were a bit dubious on how this new arrangement would work out with Emil on the skins. To my ears, this new arrangement is working out fantastically. There’s bound to be some haters trying to convince you that this album is […]