Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper 2xLP + Mr. Noah 12″ EP

It’s not as if we need the ecstatic new single “Mr Noah” to prove that the new album is going to be a highlight for 2015 but listening to it on repeat should at least help you solidify the decision to pre-order this limited edition of Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. Two healthy slabs of vinyl plus […]

Panda Bear “Tomboy Expanded” 4xLP

Can’t get enough Tomboy? Lucky for you, Panda Bear’s sophomore fourth opus has been expanded into a massive 4xLP set, adding one new tune and letting the original album heave and breathe over 2 LPs; then bolstering that with another LP featuring the single mixes and yet another LP featuring a cappellas and instrumentals for […]

Panda Bear “Surfer’s Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Extended 12 Minute Mix)” 12″

One of our favorite seven-inches from Panda Bear’s pre-album series was “Surfer’s Hymn”, which was backed by an excellent but severely edited Actress remix. Kompakt has now released the full 12 minute version on a one-sided 12″ with artwork etching on the b-side. You can pick this up right now at in North America or […]

Panda Bear “Surfers Hymn” 7″

Hey, what do ya’ll think about Panda Bear? That’s what I thought. Grab this one now to complete your collection or cry about it later while furiously searching eBay in a hysterical panic. Oh, it’s backed by a remix from Actress that pretty much just blew my fucking mind. Seriously. Get in on it at […]

Panda Bear “Tomboy” LP Preorder

Insound has posted the official preorder for one of the most anticipated records of 2011, Panda Bear’s “Tomboy”.  There’s not much to say about Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox that hasn’t already been said, he’s a master of modern music.  By adding dub and electronics, his new work eclipses the Beach-Boys-worship that so many accuse him […]

Panda Bear “Last Night At The Jetty” 7″ Preorder

You can now order the third record in Panda Bear’s 7″ series.  “Last Night At The Jetty” collects two more brand new, dubbed-the-fuck-out tracks from the forthcoming LP.  It’s limited to 3,000 copies and costs £4.49.  Visit or for the American pre-order. Here’s an early live version of “Last Night At The Jetty”: […]

Panda Bear “You Can Count On Me” 7″ Preorder

We are here to say that “Tomboy”, the most recent 7″ single from Panda Bear, was easily one of the best singles we’ve heard in months.  Good then that the second one is up for preorder, we’re all over it.  The last one sold out pretty fast, so snatching this one up for only $5 […]

More Animal Collective Vinyl Available at FatCat

Looks like FatCat Records is jumping on the DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) bandwagon. They are firing up their DMM Series with two reissues from Animal Collective – Feels and Sung Tongs. Each can be purchased for £18.99 in the UK webstore (apparently these will not be available in the US webstore). There are some great […]

Animal Collective – Feels LP Repressed

Out-of-print classic from these psychedelic/indie weirdos available once again on the vinyl format. I have seen this go for over fifty bucks on eBay, so here is your chance to own it for a more reasonable price. How does $16.99 sound? Not bad for a double LP. Vinyl on this label has a tendency to […]