Pelican – The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw 2xLP

For myself, and probably many others, this particular album by Pelican opened up a whole new world of “post rock” discovery. Hell, I’ll even throw the term “instru-metal” into this writeup, just for old time’s sake. Anyways, aforementioned “world of post-rock discovery” quickly became polluted with hundreds of copy-cat boot-gazers and the sub-genre lost quite […]

Pelican – Forever Becoming LP

Pelican are back. Forever Becoming features a new guitarist but no loss of strength or focus. The band sounds as powerful as ever, and Southern Lord is offering a limited color vinyl edition of which there are only 500 available. Snap ’em up:

Important Records Releases New Vinyl From Barn Owl, Eleh, Chord and more…

Important Records closes down 2010 in high fashion, releasing awesome new vinyl from Barn Owl (swoon) & The Infinite Strings Ensemble, Chord (featuring Trevor from Pelican) and two new LPs from the enigmatic Eleh, including a split with Ellen Fullman. Barn Owl needs no further explanation on these pages, everything they release is a must-have. […]

Pelican “March Into The Sea” Vinyl EP Reissue

I know it has been out for a few months, but the wonderful gentlemen from Hawthorne Street Records sent over the new reissue of Pelican’s “March Into The Sea” EP, and it is looking and sounding amazing.  If you’re unfamiliar with this one, it has an epic, sprawling 20 minute song on the a-side and […]

Pelican “What We All Come To Need” 2xLP

The debut album from Pelican on the Southern Lord label finally available on a deluxe and analog format. Somewhat of a return to form after their last release on Hydra Head left some fans scratching their poorly trimmed beards. Hey, I liked it. Say what you will about this band, but their ability to blow […]

Vinyl In The Digital Age

Just got sent this really rad article by it’s author, thanks so much for that!  Noisecreep’s feature on “Vinyl In The Digital Age” features brief interviews with members of bands like Isis, Pelican, Coalesce, Boris, etc about vinyl’s importance.  Check it out at

Champions of Sound 2008 – 2×7″ Set

The newest Chel’s list has arrived and with it the usual tidings of highly collectible HydraHead vinyl available directly from the label itself. The star of this week’s show (in my opinion, anyways) is the Champions of Sound 2008 2×7″ set featuring one unreleased track apiece from Pelican, Zozobra, Kayo Dot and Stove Bredsky. Available […]

Pelican – Ephemeral – 12″ EP

The second of two new pieces of wax the Lord is making available for the congregation tonight, Ephemeral is the Southern Lord debut for ex-HydraHead breadwinners Pelican. Aside from a smattering of CDs distributed on their recent tour, this is a vinyl only release. I don’t know if switching labels had anything to do with […]

Pelican “Ephemeral” EP Preorder (Plus Young Widows Split 7″)

Vinyl Collective has posted some awesome (albeit early) preorders for some new Pelican releases.  First up is their debut record for Southern Lord, titled “Ephemeral” ($12).  This EP has three brand new songs and will be on colored vinyl.  Next up is the Young Widows / Pelican split 7″, ($6.49) the third in the Widows’ […]

The Melvins – (A) Senile Animal 4xLP On Black Vinyl (And Tons More Stuff)

Hydra Head is releasing an ULTRA limited version of The Melvins’ (A) Senile Animal 4xLP on black vinyl, only 100 copies exist.  To try to score one, you’ll need to send an email to by the end of Sunday, December 14th at 9pm PST with your name and mailing address.  On Monday, they will […]