New on NNA: Oneohtrix Point Never, Rene Hell, Matt Carlson

Holy hell, this new batch of vinyl from NNA sounds outstanding; one of the O.G. tape labels still delivering the best left-field electronic music from the masters of the genre. Oneohtrix Point Never has made quite a name for himself, damn nearly being accepted as “mainstream” among the quibbling critics; and who better to share […]

Pete Swanson & Rene Hell “Waiting for the Ladies” LP

2nd pressing of this inspired split between like-minded zone seekers Rene Hell and Pete Swanson. Get lifted. This one is available in Europe from Shelter Press at

Neon Marshmallow Festival Fundraiser Cassette

Chicago’s Neon Marshmallow Festival is raising funds for this year’s event by selling an amazing compilation tape. Featuring tracks by CVLTS (audio below), Dylan Ettinger, Rene Hell, Pulse Emitter, White Rainbow, and more, this is not one to miss. It costs $6 shipped in the USA (more for international, obviously) at [Audio clip: view […]

Tape Tuesday: Pacific Support Compilation from DRAFT

If there’s a must-purchase cassette on this Tape Tuesday, it’s this Pacific Support compilation from DRAFT (a Gift Tapes subsidiary). It features thirteen unreleased tracks from experimental electronic musicians including Rene Hell, Pulse Emitter, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Carl Calm, Flowerman, Golden Retriever, Brother Raven, etc. The songs and services were donated, so all proceeds will […]

Rene Hell “The Terminal Symphony” LP

After a prolific run on small tape labels like Night People, Arbor, Agents of Chaos, etc, Jeff Witscher has blown the fuck up with his Rene Hell project. Last year’s “Porcelain Opera” graced a ton of year-end lists, and with good reason. Witscher has become a consistently awe-inspiring master of modern synthesizer music. He’s done […]

Mandelbrot & Skyy “OD-Axis” LP

Today is apparently a great day for new age synth releases. Mandelbrot & Skyy are better known as Darren Ho from Driphouse/Racoo-oo-oon and Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell. Released by the kingmaking Digitalis label, “OD-Axis” is a deep excursion through lush, cloudlike synthesizer numbers, each carried along by steady, ever-so-gentle electronic percussion. This should be […]

Wet Hair / Rene Hell “split” 7″

A new Bathetic release worth getting your panties in a bunch about – a split 7″ featuring Wet Hair and Rene Hell (so hot right now). Bound to curl your ear hairs and maybe bend your mind just a bit. This is an edition of 300, costs $7, and can be picked up at

A Couple of Incredible New Records on Arbor

Yesterday’s update over at Arbor brought some serious goods to the table. The Rene Hell / Three Legged Race “Violin Petal {Auden} / Whipped Secrets” split LP is more of the sci-fi synth acrobatics that we know and love here. Since the last record on Type, Rene Hell has built up some serious heat and […]

Pete Swanson & Rene Hell “Waiting For The Ladies” LP, Pete Swanson “Where I Was” LP (Self-Released)

Well, we better write this one up while it’s still in stock at Boomkat, even though it doesn’t technically have North American distribution yet. You may have heard, but the Yellow Swans are technically broken up now – so for that equal-parts-bliss-and-noise fix you’ve been craving you will have to look elsewhere. Solo material from […]

Rene Hell “Porcelain Opera” LP

Looks like Type has added another amazing artist to their roster, this time it’s a prolific American, Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell.  After dropping releases on a ton of underground labels (Night People, Arbor, Not Not Fun, Monorail Trespassing, etc), it appears Witscher has made it to the big leagues.  This will fit perfectly on […]