Tape Thursday: Six Organs of Admittance – The Lost Electric Six Organs Album

I’ll make this short and sweet since there are only 11 copies left at silvercurrent.bandcamp.com and presumably only a handful in the distro over at fusetronsound.com. As the title implies, this is a “lost” recording from Ben Chasny with Comets on Fire as a backing band. If your head didn’t just explode into a supernova […]

Six Organs of Admittance “Maria Kapel” LP

This vinyl edition from Ben Chasny, imported from the Netherlands, snuck into the Midheaven distro last weekend. A plaintive set of solo guitar instrumentals, bookended by two harmonium pieces; this is a nice counterpart to the recent Ascent, which was overly saturated to the point of bursting with electric, lysergic sound (in the best way […]

Six Organs of Admittance “Parson’s Blues” 7″ & “Ascent” LP Pre-order

If you didn’t know yet, Six Organs of Admittance has a 7″ single available to order from Drag City. Rumor is that this is more like a Comets on Fire 7″ though, as the two instrumental jams see Ben Chasny reunited with the lads and melting faces as in days of yore. All this to […]

“Eight Trails, One Path” LP

Another RSD exclusive surfaces in the internet distro broth. Eight Trails, One Path is a fine collection of (you guessed it) eight guitar-based pieces from all of your favorite guitar-based musicians. I’m talking Six Organs of Admittance and Lee Ronaldo here, just to name a couple. The greatest thing about this album is that it […]

Six Organs of Admittance “Asleep On The Floodplain” LP

I really wanted to like the new Iron & Wine album. I really did. Sorry Sam Beam, but Ben Chasny is my go-to acoustic heart-throb for 2011 (and probably every year after). Asleep On The Floodplain tries less than half as hard and sounds ten times as lush and emotive as the aforementioned major label […]

The Grapefruit Record Club

The brainchild of Simon Joyner and Ben Goldberg, The Grapefruit Record Club is an annual vinyl subscription series that, as of now, is looking awesome.  For $90 shipped in the US, you get records from Lambchop, Richard Youngs, L. Eugene Methe, and 200 Years (aka Ben Chasny aka Six Organs of Admittance).  If you don’t […]

Rangda “False Flag” LP

Well I truly had no idea what this album was about, but I know that new wax on Drag City is nothing to turn your nose up at and since the label was kind enough to send us some mp3s, well, I gave it a listen. It becomes pretty apparent within the first 10 seconds […]

Six Organs of Admittance “Empty The Sun” LP + Book

Not sure how this Six Organs of Admittance release almost managed to slither by me undetected. Empty the Sun is the soundtrack for a book by Joseph Mattson. Very convenient for you, that you can pick them both up at the same time for merely $20 (the book that accompanies the LP is 12×12 inches). […]

Six Organs of Admittance / Azul – Split LP (Import)

PSF in Japan recently released this Split LP from Ben Chasny and Usui Hiroyuki aka Six Organs of Admittance and Azul. For those of us who do not know how to order records in Japanese, this is now available at a few US distros. It’s going to set you back about $22 at forcedexposure.com or […]

Six Organs of Admittance – Luminous Night – LP Preorder

Been sitting around for like a week now, waiting for some exciting vinyl news to roll around and lift up my spirits. I couldn’t have asked for much better than a pre-order for the new Six Organs of Admittance LP, coming out August 18th on the Drag City Catalog. The new album finds Ben Chasny […]