Skeletonwitch “Beyond the Permafrost” & “Breathing the Fire” Reissues

Worship the Witch. These two albums are available once again on the vinyl format. Both come housed in heavy cardboard gatefolds and are limited to 1000 or so apiece. That means 500 on black, 500 on colored vinyl, and 100 of each album repressed on a limited color. Order away at

Skeletonwitch “Forever Abomination” LP

New album from the ‘Witch, I need say no more. There are a ton of ordering options available, including three different colors of vinyl in gatefold jackets, hats, t-shirts, all types of shit. Pre-order now at and make sure to catch the lads on tour. The Infernal Resurrection by CenturyPA

Skeletonwitch “Onward/Infernal” 7″

Two unreleased recordings from the ‘witch, including a demo version of a brand new tune. The third and final piece of the seven inch trilogy preceding the new album. The previous two sold out quickly, this one likely will as well. Six-hundred and sixty-six pennies at

Skeletonwitch “Skullsplitter/No Rest” 7″ Single

The second in the trilogy of Skeletonwitch singles on Prosthetic is now up for preorder.  The a-side features a re-recorded version of “The Skullsplitter” (a track from their debut album), while the b-side features a new version of “No Rest For The Dead”, previously only available digitally.  It’s pressed on green vinyl, has an edition […]

Skeletonwitch “Skullsplitter b/w No Rest” 7″

The Skeletonwitch 7″ series continues with “Skullsplitter” backed with “No Rest” on green vinyl in an edition of 500. The first in the trilogy has already disappeared, so ya’ll might act quick on the second one to make sure you get a copy. I cannot wait for a new album from these guys, Breathe The […]

Skeletonwitch “At One With The Shadows / Bringers Of Death” 7″

Few things make me happier than announcing new vinyl from Skeletonwitch. The newest undertaking from this Ohioan horde is a trilogy of 7″ vinyl on Prosthetic Records featuring rerecorded material from their debut album, with an equally rare cut on the b-side. The first in the series is pressed on gold vinyl and limited to […]

Skeletonwitch “Worship the Witch” 10″ Pre-order

Prosthetic Records has reissued the out-of-print Worship the Witch EP from heavy-metal heroes Skeletonwitch. What’s more, they’ve reissued it on vinyl. Ten inches of vinyl, even. So next time you whip your ten-inch out for that Brooklyn hipster gal from Ohio that you’ve been courting, she can have her pick of yellow, blue or black […]

Skeletonwitch – Breathing the Fire – LP Preorder

UPDATE: Bumping this post to the top because this record rules and is on sale. 20% off all vinyl at Yesssss. The new album from the ‘witch is nearly ready to be unleashed on the world, and you can stake your claim on a red vinyl version limited to 100 right now through the […]