The Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group 2xLP

This week saw the release of the eponymous debut of The Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group. Well that sounds really awesome but what the hell is it, pray tell. Well, if blurbs can be believed, it is the current, living incarnation of the Sun Araw band fucking around with a studio full of vintage synthesizers and […]

A New Batch of Records From Not Not Fun

Updated 09/14/2013: On Patrol has been reissued by Drag City. That’s awesome news! Pick it up at It’s no secret that Not Not Fun is one of our favorite labels in the world.  It’s also no secret that we are giant fans of Cameron Stallones’ Sun Araw project, so today is a good day.  […]

Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras meet The Congos “Icon Give Thank”

This, my friends, is some unbelievably blown-out action. For the ninth volume of FRKWYS, Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras went to Jamaica and teamed up with reggae superstars The Congos for one of the most smoked-out, weirdest sessions ever put to tape. It’s really, really good, just not for the squares. Get the LP […]

Tape Tuesday: Three New Cassettes from Sun Ark

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, real life has gotten in the way of fun stuff like music. We should be back to full speed tomorrow. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some psyched-out new tapes, you can’t do much better than Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label. Righteous Acid’s “Mellow Doses” is burned […]

Sun Araw “Ancient Romans” 2xLP

Our homeboy Cameron Stallones is set to release another 2xLP of bombed-out, lo-fi fuzzy funk for his Sun Ark Records label via Drag City. White vinyl, gatefold jacket, accompanying art book. Everything you need in order to sit down and get comfortable then spend a hazy evening with Sun Araw. This comes out August 23rd, […]

Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw “Night Gallery” LP Preorder

After a show together at SXSW 2010, psych mainstays Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw linked up for an in-studio session live on Austin’s KVRX. The folks at Thrill Jockey have thankfully presented the recordings, heard as they were originally conceived with no overdubs and minimal editing, on the almighty LP format. A 45 minute improvisation […]

Sun Araw & Matthewdavid “LIVEPHREAXXX!!!!” Tape

If you’re like us, you already ran to buy this the moment you read Sun Araw in the headline.  Leaving Records, a tape label that is become quite masterful, just released this mind-bending live workout between Sun Araw and Matthewdavid, all recorded live at Sun Ark Studios.  This one is not for the uninitiated, it […]

Three New Records on Woodsist

In addition to the new Purling Hiss record we recently wrote about, Woodsist has three more new ones up for order.  The first is “Off Duty”, the new ep from Sun Araw, also previously mentioned.  If you love Cameron Stallones’ other work, you’ll love this one too, it’s pure dubbed-out psychedelic madness.  The second new […]

Sun Araw “Off Duty” 12″ EP

We were going to wait to mention this till it came out on Woodsist next week, but since you can score it from the artist directly, now seems as good of a time as any.  A new ep of songs from Cameron Stallones’ Sun Araw project means there’s a lot of excitement around these parts, […]

NNF Represses Ducktails & Sun Araw “Heavy Deeds” LPs

The perfect ending to your deadbeat summer. I know you all haven’t been doing shit except sitting on the porch melting in the heat for the past two months. If either of these records didn’t get played at least once while you were busy doing that, then it probably means that you don’t own either […]