Thee Oh Sees – Live In San Francisco LP + DVD

I’m sold on the cover photograph alone, but if you need more convincing: it is worth mentioning that Thee Oh Sees are objectively proven to be the greatest live band of all time. Or so I’ve heard; I’ll have to rely on documentation like this in order to confirm:

Live At Death By Audio 2012 Flexi Book

I’ve gotta say, this is probably one of the raddest things we’ve seen in awhile. Flexi-discs (a promotional gimmick from days of yore — recently revitalized and dumped back into the sewage filled promotional channels) are used to great effect here for this documentation of Death By Audio 2012 by Famous Class. Bound in a […]

Thee Oh Sees “Castlemania” 2xLP

I’ll never get over how unbelievably prolific Thee Oh Sees are. It seems they put out a new full-length album every six months, while never compromising quality. Their newest is sometimes a bit brighter and poppier than normal, but it still sinks to the dirges of raw psychedelic garage rock as well. It’s a beautiful […]

A Stack of Good Vinyl from Stankhouse Records

We got a huge stack of awesome music in the mail from Portland’s Stankhouse Records.   While everything inside was good, we thought a few of them were especially great, and well deserving of any spotlight we could give them.  First, their newest release, “The Great Return” from Purple Rhinestone Eagle, is an absolute shredder.  […]

The Ohsees “Grave Blockers” 2×7″ Pre-order

New vinyl from these guys. Not new material mind you, just freshly pressed wax – so new that it’s only available for pre-order, currently. This 2×7″ EP by John Dwyer and his garage dwelling cohorts (which lived a former life as a lathe cut 6″ + CD-r) is limited to a scant 400 and comes […]

Thee Oh Sees “Warm Slime” LP

The insanely prolific Thee Oh Sees are back with a new fully-realized album, “Warm Slime”.  This is kind of a return to form for the band, absolutely grade-A psychedelic garage rock here.  Then again, if you’re reading this, you probably already know what you’re getting into with these guys, this is just more of that […]

Thee Oh Sees “The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In” LP

If you must own only one release by Thee Oh Sees, then make it this one. That’s just like, my opinion, man, but seriously – this is one of the only garage rock albums I listen to on a regular basis. Actually, it might be the only garage rock album I own. If you were […]

Thee Oh Sees “Dog Poison” LP

John Dwyer has coaxed his merry band of noisemakers into releasing yet another LP by Thee Oh Sees, this time on the Captured Tracks label. If you are wondering what it sounds like then you haven’t heard Thee Oh Sees because everything they release sounds like Thee Oh Sees. Hop on board. 12 bucks and […]

Thee Oh Sees – “Help” LP

This is an absolute first, as I usually leave the garage rock posts to Mitch Natty. However, I’ve developed a peculiar affinity for Thee Oh Sees and would like to be the one to share this retarded album art with you (seen below). At $12 shipped, its almost worth it for that alone. Pink vinyl […]