Great Falls/Thou – Split 7″

Great Falls, Thou and Shellac walk into a bar…and the punch line is, this new cover 7”, which does just that. Thou, who have been on a roll this past year with insane cover versions of 90’s favorites, offer up their twist on “A Prayer To God,” which takes the sadness inherent in the original […]

Thou – Ceremonies of Humiliation 3xLP

Thou are a prolific band, for sure. A little hard to keep up with? Maybe. Worth keeping up with? Definitely. To make your life a little easier and your record collection a little more efficient, the boys are now offering a 3xLP collection of all their split material leading up to the Summit album. If […]

Thou – Heathen 2xLP

Thou have returned with their newest full-length, Heathen. Old news, of course, unless album releases don’t become official for you until there is a solid hard wax copy for you to wrap your mitts around. Yeah, that’s kind of how we roll. The European edition has been available for a bit from, but all the […]

Thou / The Body – Released From Love LP

Of course you have to pick this one up. Two of the underground’s heaviest hitters collaborate for a single, vinyl-only release. You are going to want a copy and you can get one at Stream it at

Thou “Summit” LP (Newly Upgraded Vinyl Pressing)

It seems the dudes in Thou wanted some small improvements to the vinyl pressing of “Summit”, originally released by Southern Lord. Being the old-school, DIY’ers they are, they took it upon themselves to produce and release a brand new version. Here we have all new plates, a heavyweight tip-on jacket with clear gloss, a heavier […]

Thou “The Archer & The Owle” 12″ Mega-EP (Plus Cassette from Robotic Empire / Sweat Lodge Guru)

Yes. If you’ve read the site for awhile, you know this is a big day for us, we’re finally part of an official Thou release! “The Archer & The Owle” is an amazing 40 minute mega-EP containing unreleased Summit-era material, plus two tracks that were supposed to be on a split with Pygmy Lush. This […]

Thou “To The Chaos Wizard Youth” 12″ Pre-order

New Thou vinyl! The boys are ramping up their release schedule for the rest of the year, so act accordingly – still one of the heaviest and hardest working bands going right now. Four new tunes written and recorded post-Summit, available now for pre-order in an edition of 100 on white vinyl. If you want white wax, […]

Thou/Cower “split” LP & Moloch “Possession” LP

Thou continues to crank out the jams, this time sharing a vinyl split with Portland punx Cower. Like many Thou LPs before it, this one is being released by Vendetta, who have also just posted a pre-order for the crushing new LP from Moloch as well (sludge metal not black metal). Everybody needs to pick […]

Barghest “untitled” LP

We wrote this up when it was first released as a tape, and you people that turned your nose up then need to understand one thing – this album is fairly fucking amazing in the most misanthropic way possible. The tape came with a patch that said “Anti-Human Anti-Life” and that pretty much sums it […]

Thou / Moloch “Tears That Soak a Callous Heart” CS

If you happened to miss this crushing split by Thou and Moloch last year, you’ve got one more chance to grab it. The Perpetual Motion Machine pressed up a small amount (200 total, 75 for the US) for their European tour, don’t miss it this time around. It’s also incredibly affordable at only $4. Visit […]