Tim Hecker – Norberg/Apondalifa LP

Room40 pulls together a pair of Tim Hecker productions from their back catalog and puts them back to back on a single LP. We don’t need to convince you why you should buy some new Tim Hecker vinyl, and we refuse to listen to you trying to explain to us why you shouldn’t. Get real: emporium.room40.org.

Tim Hecker – Virgins 2xLP Pre-order

The newest album from Tim Hecker is available to pre-order. There is no other “ambient” or “drone” artist that has been as consistent in the past several years, and the newest album is sure to please longtime fans and hopefully pull in some new ones. If you are not listening to this man’s music, then […]

Tim Hecker – Mirages 2xLP

Hey, do you guys like Tim Hecker? If you answered “no”, then you, my friend, have serious problems. Dude’s got a new album coming out this year on Kranky and guess what? It is going to be awesome. In the meantime, Kranky has finally given Mirages (from way back in 2004) the vinyl edition it so […]

Oneohtrix Point Never “Rifts” 5xLP Boxset / Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin “Instrumental Tourist” 2xLP

Well, OPN fans, your day has come. Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recording Company is releasing this vinyl boxset containing Daniel Lopatin’s first three vinyl releases as Oneohtrix Point Never. What’s more, you also get two LPs containing rare and out-of-print material, of which this project has plenty. Considering that pressings of Betrayed in the Octagon (originally […]

Tim Hecker “Dropped Pianos” LP

After dropping one of the best, if not the best drone album of 2011, Mister Tim Hecker is back with Dropped Pianos, a collection of “rough sketches” that later turned into the masterful “Ravedeath, 1972”. The piano is on full display here, and this manages to almost outshine the finished product. Damn good, heavily recommended. Stream […]

Tim Hecker “Ravedeath 1972” 2xLP

Ever since I received a digital promo of Tim Hecker’s new album the other day, it’s been absolutely flooring me.   Recorded in a church in Reykjavik, Iceland, “Ravedeath 1972” builds on everything Hecker has done before, this is the culmination of his sound so far.  The music is beautifully textured, delicately haunting, and perfectly balanced.  […]

Tim Hecker “Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again” 2xLP

Tim Hecker has come some ways since releasing this, his debut album, in 2001. Haunt Me still sounds just as good now as it did back then (like I would know) and definitely holds up admirably, even standing as it is in the shadow of his two most recent albums of amazingly lush, noise-flanged ambient. […]

Tim Hecker – Harmony in Ultraviolet – 2xLP

You know what your life is missing? White noise. Why not order Tim Hecker’s album Harmony in Ultraviolet and get your daily recommended quotient? This album was released awhile ago, but the only vinyl version was a single LP released on Conspiracy Records in a very limited quantity. Kranky has done all you spaced-out, ambient […]

Tim Hecker – An Imaginary Country LP

Kranky just keeps… um… cranking out the quality releases this year. Next up is a highly anticipated new album from Canada’s Tim Hecker. Equal parts dense and melodic, An Imaginary Country is undoubtedly a Tim Hecker album. And a damn good one at that. This is pressed onto two LPs and cut at 45rpm for […]