Torche “Songs For Singles” LP Preorder

Holy hell I would hate for you guys to miss another Hydra Head vinyl release but I’m afraid a color or two might disappear before this gets posted up in the morning. So it goes. You all know about Torche, right? Heavy metal pop music or something like that? Right. This new eight track vinyl […]

Torche / Boris “Chapter Ahead Being Fake” 10″

Not sure you could gather four bigger names from the weirdo-metal inner circle to record a pair of splits. Hats off to Hydra Head. Both new splits come with awesome artwork from Aaron Turner, and this Torche / Boris split comes with a pretty fucking sweet t-shirt option. Don’t try and tell me you haven’t […]

Torche “Meanderthal Demos” 10″ EP

Before Torche recorded the masterpiece of heaviness that is Meanderthal, they recorded the Meanderthal Demos. Makes sense, right? You might have been lucky enough to pick up the cassette edition of the Meanderthal Demos, but you probably weren’t. Lucky for you, the music has now been pressed onto 10″ vinyl and the first 150 orders […]

Torche “Meanderthal” LP For Cheap!

If you’re not an obsessive collector, here is your chance to get a super cheap copy of Torche’s “Meanderthal” LP, truly one of the best metal records of 2008.  Robotic Empire has some “Damaged Black Vinyl” editions (jackets have a bent corner or other damage, record is fine) for $10.99, and some “Raw Black Vinyl” […]

Floor “Below & Beyond” 10xLP + 7″

10 LPs. 8 CDs. One 7 seven-inch. A 32-page book. Been awhile since we heard anything from the Robotic Empire and now we know why. I cannot even fathom the amount of love and attention that went into crafting this insane boxset for the now defunct band Floor. It just boggles the mind. In case […]

Torche – “In Return” 10″+CD (4th Pressing)

Robotic Empire just released the fourth pressing of one of the best heavy albums ever made, Torche’s “In Return”.  If you don’t already have this, it is simply a “must buy”.  The new pressings include: * 200 of POLLEN (translucent yellow & orangey mix with weird spots) * 200 of WING SHADOW (clear w/ black […]

Torche “Healer / Across The Shields” 12″ and DVD Package Preorder

Hydra Head just dropped a brand new 12″ by Torche, which of course is a “must-buy” for me.  If you don’t know Torche, you should, they play some really crushing metal infused with melodic, catchy hooks, check it out.  This new 12″ features two songs from Meanderthal (Healer and Across The Shields), plus two brand […]

The Melvins – (A) Senile Animal 4xLP On Black Vinyl (And Tons More Stuff)

Hydra Head is releasing an ULTRA limited version of The Melvins’ (A) Senile Animal 4xLP on black vinyl, only 100 copies exist.  To try to score one, you’ll need to send an email to by the end of Sunday, December 14th at 9pm PST with your name and mailing address.  On Monday, they will […]