Thrill Jockey: New LPs from White Hills and kandodo (The Heads)

There are two new records from Thrill Jockey that I think some of you guys are going to want to be checking out. These should be on store shelves as well as online, so if you get the itch to leave your parent’s basement, you can go track one down IRL even. White Hills should […]

White Hills “Live at Roadburn 2011” LP

White Hills, a long running favorite here on OMGV, play a white-hot, heady mixture of heavy, psychedelic rock. The group is best appreciated live, and while this LP won’t give you that, it’ll get you damn close. Only 23 copies left in Thrill Jockey’s distro as of this morning so chug that espresso and move […]

New Immune Pre-orders: Jon Porras & White Hills LPs

If you’ve somehow been missing the solo psych guitar recordings of Jon Porras, it’s possible that we cannot help you at this point. Orilla Oscura is his third album under his own name, and his second release this year. If you have’t gotten on board yet then we don’t expect you to any time soon. […]

White Hills / Farflung “split” LP

White Hills vinyl sells out, it’s a fact. If you are interested, we suggest you act quickly on this split LP from the electric freakout masters and Farflung, another band with a strong psych pedigree. Awesome artwork courtesy of Keenan Marshall Keller (check out more at his Flickr photostream). Purchase the split LP promptly at

White Hills “S/T” LP

2012 UPDATE: This album has been repressed – Thrill Jockey has posted preorders for the MASSIVE new self-titled album by White Hills.  This one features a bit of everything:  space-rock, slow brooding psych jams, six-minute drone sessions, shredding guitars, quiet meditations, etc.  If you’ve liked anything about White Hills in the past, you’re going […]

White Hills “Heads On Fire” LP

UPDATE: This little psychedelic treat from way-back-when is available again on vinyl. Repressed on red in an edition of 1,000 and for sale at Originally released in 2007, White Hills’ massive psychedelic space-rock album “Heads on Fire” finally just got a proper vinyl release, courtesy of Thrill Jockey Records.  It is limited to 1,000 […]

White Hills “Frying on this Rock” LP

Long live space rock. White Hills return with another long playing burner, as always on the triumphant Thrill Jockey imprint.  The artwork for Frying on this Rock features appropriately eye-popping fluorescent ink and a super shiny varnish. The perfect visual accompaniment to this explosive psych ensemble’s sound. White/pink split vinyl has already disappeared, but you […]

Three New Records from Thrill Jockey

This month’s batch of records from Thrill Jockey is a mix of well-traveled and completely new directions for the label. First up is “H-p1”, the latest full-length from shredders White Hills. This is, believe it or not, my favorite record from them yet. The jams here are huge and cathartic, but also have room to […]

New Records from Oval, Dustin Wong, and White Hills on Thrill Jockey

These three new records from Thrill Jockey mark probably my favorite releases from them in recent months.  First up is “O”, the sprawling new album from electronic music pioneer Markus Popp’s Oval.  I say sprawling because the CD version has seventy songs, a feat that could obviously not be captured on a reasonably priced vinyl […]

New Records at Thrill Jockey from Coil Sea, Imbogodom, and White Hills

Thrill Jockey has another beautiful batch of new records available this month.  First comes the self-titled album from Coil Sea, side project of Arbouretum’s Dave Heumann.  He arranged a group of musicians so diverse, the music is hard to explain or classify.  One thing is certain, this is grade-a improvisational rock, something almost anyone would enjoy.  It […]