Wooden Shjips – Back to Land LP

Wooden Shjips are back with a new album on Thrill Jockey, and for a limited time, you can pick it up on pink vinyl with a bonus 7″ featuring two non-album tracks. This pink slab of psychedelic bliss will not be delivered until November 12th, but those limited editions are bound to sell out, so […]

New Records by Dustin Wong, Pontiak, and Wooden Shjips from Thrill Jockey

Thrill Jockey just dropped another great batch of records. The first is an inventive, sparkling new album from Dustin Wong titled “Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads”. You should be able to get a good feel for his layered compositions by listening to the tune below. They’ve also got another great, great, great psychedelic rock […]

New Records from Wooden Shjips and Tunnels on Thrill Jockey

Thrill Jockey continues to kill with two brand new releases. “West”, the new album from Wooden Shjips, is another great entry in the band’s extensive discography of modern psychedelia. The rhythms are exact, the music is foggy, and the overall vibe is that of a laid-back mindbender. It sounds krauty at times, Sabbathy at other […]

Moon Duo “Mazes” LP Pre-order

These guys sure as hell know how to lock into a solid and sunburned groove. Moon Duo’s next album comes to us on Sacred Bones Records and it is bound to please the faithful fans of their west-coast psych-gospel as well as bring a few wandering souls back into the fold with more accessible pop […]

Moon Duo / Bitchin Bajas Split 7″

Here’s a Record Store Day release worth getting psyched about (zing!). A split 7″ between Bitchin Bajas and Moon Duo, two top-notch side projects from two top-notch bands (Cave and Wooden Shjips respectively). Repetitive and psychedelic and limited to 750 for the world, for ever. Once it’s gone, it’s gone – we recommend you pick […]

Wooden Shjips “Vol. 2″ LP Preorder

San Francisco’s very own fuzzmonger extraordinaires Wooden Shjips (pronounced schyips?) have got a new collection of hard-to-find rarities coming out on the vinyl format next month. Vol. 2 follows up the previously released Vol.1 and collects singles from Mexican Summer and Sub Pop, among other psychedelic trinkets and treasures. Poised for a March 30th release […]

Wooden Shjips ‘Contact’ 12″ EP

It’s safe to say these Wooden Shjips fellows know how to handle this whole “psych” thing. Contrary to popular opinion, “psych” is not just a convenient tag for music made by people on drugs. It might also refer to music enjoyed by people on drugs! Just kidding ya’ll, but seriously… this new 12″ EP (i.e. […]

Wooden Shjips – “Dos” LP

I really can’t think of a better way to describe this than “minimalist psych bop” so I’m not even going to try. If you’re into this blown out west-coast rock n’ roll movement going on right now than this is the band for you. Wooden Shjips are from San Francisco and the new album “Dos” […]