Yo La Tengo “Fade” LP + 7″

The greatest and longest running band in the universe* has a new album out. If you don’t have room in your heart for a new LP from Yo La Tengo, then it is a cold, shriveled thing and could rightly benefit from the dusky autumnal jams and soft coos of this three-piece from Hoboken. The […]

Yo La Tengo “And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out” 2xLP

Finally! I love how often Matador reissues out-of-print titles from their back catalog, but I have been wringing my hands for years waiting for this classic mope-core album from Yo La Tengo to get its due! I cannot wait to slip into a deep and dark wintry depression so that I can put this album […]

Matador Holiday Sale – 21% Off!

Put on your favorite tacky Holiday sweater and get ready to do some clicking because Matador Records is having a sale, and it’s a pretty damn decent discount. 21% off the entire freaking store and free shipping on all Domestic orders over $50. You shouldn’t need much convincing, but let me remind you that Matador […]

Yo La Tengo – Buy Early Get Now LP Preorder

Matador Records today announced the Buy Early Get Now promotion for the new album from indie stalwarts Yo La Tengo. As you may or may not know, Buy Early Get Now means you get all types of extra cool shit with your pre-order, instead of just a deficit in your ledger with nothing to show […]

Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs – LP Release News

I love that this band is still releasing records. Not exactly vinyl news here, buts its news about some forthcoming vinyl news from one of our favorite bands so just bear with us. Or just skip straight to the new song and realize why you should care. Yo La Tengo’s new album will be called […]

Matador Repressings – Yo La Tengo, Guided by Voices, Cat Power

Matador seems to seldomly produce any sort of official declaration for their represses, even though some of these have been OOP for several years. The only way to find the new records is to go digging through their catalog, which is what my colleague and I have been doing ever since we realized “I Can […]

Yo La Tengo – “I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One” 2xLP repress

This is one of the best indie rock albums ever recorded as far as I’m concerned. I have been grinding my teeth over the wait for this classic Yo La Tengo material and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than a 180-gram RTI pressed 2xLP. $24 well spent if you ask me. Matadorrecords.com. [Audio […]

Matador Vinyl Reissues

OMG Vinyl is back in action after an extended holiday down South for the SXSW Music Festival. We managed to spend hundreds of dollars on records this past weekend, and we want ya’ll to follow suit. Here’s a good place to start… about a week ago, one of our favorite labels, Matador Records, posted a […]

Interpol – “Antics” and “Turn On the Bright Lights” Vinyl

Point your browsers away from eBay everyone. Matador has been kind enough to repress a slew of highly sought after albums from their back catalog, including two out-of-print Interpol albums: Antics and Turn On the Bright Lights. I believe a few of these Belle and Sebastian albums may also be repressings, as well as the […]