Zombi – Shape Shift 2xLP

Hey kids! Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra are back as Zombi, and the new album Shape Shift is imminent. As usual, the most limited editions are being snatched up fast over at relapse.com. You can also pick this up over at Zombi’s bandcamp.com page.

Steve Moore – Pangaea Ultima LP

Steve Moore (of Zombi) and Spectrum Spools is a marriage made in synth heaven. Given the consistent quality and unbelievably loud pressings that come from this label, you can fairly expect to be blasted right out of your holiday coma. Pick it up on lovely, loud vinyl from beta.forcedexposure.com or editionsmego.com.

Zombi Vinyl Reissues

We recently had the pleasure of seeing the Zombi duo opening for Goblin on tour, and these boys are the real deal. Vinyl has been hard to come by, but Relapse is fixing that by repressing “deluxe” editions of their three crucial albums. Peruse your options and get a power synth pre-order in for the […]

Steve Moore “Positronic Neural Pathways” CS

Getting an early jump on Tape Tuesday here, since there is a good probability that this cassette edition of Steve Moore’s Positronic Neural Pathways simply will not last until tomorrow morning. 33 minutes of high-definition sci-fi synths on a high-bias tape with full color j-card. $7 at vcorecordings.com.

Tape Tuesday: Steve Moore “Demo 2004” cs40

Steve Moore has garnered a lot of praise in these pages for his vinyl editions, as half of Zombi and also for his solo synth missions, so we have no shame plugging a new edition from the dude on the always controversial tape cassette format. This is a collection of blazing demos from 2004 (pre-Cosmos) aka it […]

Zombi “Escape Velocity” LP

Well, it is a ways away yet, but I suppose May 10th will arrive sooner or later and with it a blazing new disc of new-age synth and percussion from Zombi. This cover art is, well, fantastic; as is the new tune you can stream at stereogum.com. Lock on repeat and pump your fist until release […]

Steve Moore “Primitive Neural Pathways” LP

Among newage synth jammers, it’s hard to get better than Zombi’s Steve Moore.  “Primitive Neural Pathways” is like a toned-down marriage of Zombi and Tangerine Dream, so we obviously love it.  Copies seem a bit scarce stateside, but you can fuel your sci-fi dreams via European import at NormanRecords.com or PiccadillyRecords.com or RoughTrade.com.

Zombi – “Surface To Air” LP Reissue

Hypertension Records has repressed the 2006 Zombi album, “Surface To Air”.  If you know Zombi’s music at all, you know what you’re getting into here, straight up retro synth music, horror movie/giallo style.  A lot of folks are trying to play this music these days…Zombi still does it best.  It is available on clear (edition […]

Majeure “Timespan” 2xLP

This happens to be the latest album from A.E. Paterra, one half of the band Zombi (not to be mistaken with Zomby). Judging by the promo mp3 (and album art), he’s dropping the horror movie references and laying the sci-fi soundtracking on pretty thick. Temporary Residence is debuting this release on the vinyl format, and […]

Steve Moore “Vaalbara” LP

Zombi fans, you will probably want to grab “Vaalbara”, the new solo record by one half of the aforementioned vintage synth powerhouse.  This is pretty much sold out everywhere, but Moore is selling a few copies himself.  It’s a two-song ambient/drone record, is pressed on 180g vinyl, and limited to only 300 copies.  You can […]